Thursday, June 29, 2006


Pumbat = Pump + Combat.

Yup, back to back classes...haven't done those in awhile. For that matter, haven't been doing more than one pump class per week since the elbow injury, so it's quite a feat. Pump instructress, Herny, also seems to be recovering from some shoulder injury that she was alluding to. Not sure what happened. As I said before, going for classes at another centre is like going to a different school, whereas at MJH, there is a sense of familiarity that makes it oh so comfortable. All the familiar faces in class, Lion Heart, the lil boy Alvin, etc etc. Met Lionheart's sister, a replica of Mrs Lionheart. Saw one of my friends, whom I had not noticed till now, had a slight, over the years, the one thing I've learnt when it comes to women, is not to barge in and ask that dreaded "ARE YOU PREGNANT" question.....especially if they have the propensity to be urm, on the large side. But this friend has always been very svelte.... Nevertheless, I bit my tongue and refrained from asking, but in hindsight, I think she was hinting to me already, because before class, she asked me if I knew so and so was pregnant....I didn't even know WHO she was referring to. During the class, the first clue I got was when instructress mentioned she would focus on pregnancy options, and asked who else was preggers. I raised my hand..... well, my belly is worthy of a 4 months pregnancy.

Pump and RPM for me fall in the same category. I hate it. I only do it because its necessary. If God gave me a remotely toned body, that could opt not to do pump, you wouldn't see me huffing and puffing there if you paid me. Amazingly, she managed to do all 10 tracks without much hoo ha, and finished on time. Well, as in, did not encroach into the combat class. Just looking at Lionheart's weights made me exhausted. 17½kg for squats, 12½kg for chest, shudder...(on each side).

Combat - The usual Wednesday instructor, the one who used to wear the ring of power around his neck, was not there, and was replaced by a guy called Jason. Now, I asked FCI if it was the same Jason that taught attack and jam, but apparently not. Nor did FCI know who he was. It wasn't until Pickles showed up on MSN, informing me that this fellow was her batch, and had just cleared his combat the day before. Talk about fresh off the oven......Of course, I could not RESIST the opportunity to try a debut class. Physically, the guy looks like a cross between FCI and No 1 in tianjin (aka Dr Combat). Weird huh. At least, that was what was going through my mind.

It really must be quite daunting, to be new, AND to be teaching in MJH. I recognised a few other fellows there who I think are also combat instructors in the making.... ah, to be judged by your peers. How stressful. Into the 2nd track or so, I noticed the NGXM (who's really tall) watching from outside, with the GXC. To his credit, he performed fairly well, although he did confuse himself by switching from mirror image to doing it same side as the class....on one or two occasions. The warm up was sedate enough, but the pace really did pick up from the 2nd track onwards.....

Now, I got a cramp in track 2, and was in pain, but decided to stay on coz I thought track 3 usually is just upper body, but nooooo....this one had scissors and cross jack? (what IS that movement? no one pronounces it clearly)...which made the cramps worse. By the 5th track, I thought it would be to my detriment to stay on, so had to leave the class prematurely. Pity though. Would have liked to stay to the end. Anyway, all in all, I'd say the fellow did a good job. Definitely got promise.

Now, to go nurse my aching calf.

Might need to go for a less strenuous combo....jambal?


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Pick Yin said...

take it easy FB, switch to BB + BP perhaps? :D

- pickles -

At 4:07 PM, Blogger shades said...

leave before he's done with the class ah... he might have thought you didn't like his teaching...

At 9:28 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

BB + BP = balump. hmmm, yes, that's an idea.

shades - that is WHYYYYY i am going to extraordinary efforts to clarify that i did NOT leave for those reasons. not that my opinion matters to begin with....we actually accidentally kicked each other, as we were front kicking....and he was mirror image, so my left leg kicked his right leg...what are the odds. so there's a connection!


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