Friday, June 23, 2006

It's A Bird, It's A Plane....It's......Superman Themed Class

Usually before a group exercise class begins, the normal preamble would be the mike test, (it baffles me, how, in a gym where they have back to back classes, one after another, a mike can fail right after one's like the mike has a life of its own, and says, oh, I don't like this instructor, I'm gonna sleep now), ...asking if there are any first timers, a cursory introduction about the dos and donts to the newbies, AND, any announcements the gym may have. Yesterday's step class's announcement was "there will be a superman themed class on Saturday, .........". My first thought is of course, the traditional donning on of red underwear over your trackpants, or tights, and draping a red cape....which might be a tad distracting, esp for body step. Might look kinda cool for body pump though.
Speaking of the Man Of Steel, I much prefer this version of superman, compared with the new pretty boy, Brandon Routh.....who looks more like Supermetrosexualman. Or worse, some other supermen wannabes. I digress. Okay, the themed classes require you to wear blue, red, OR yellow...or is it AND... Chuck in some white, and we can double it with Merdeka Day.

Step was particularly exhausting....maybe because I skipped my normal sunday class. Also, now that they are allowed to derail from latest tracks, FSI wasted no time in reclaiming his rightful title of Fearsome Squat Instructor....squats began at track 3... and didn't end till the end. My knees are beginning to feel the effects of this uneven squatting...(one leg on step board, one leg on floor....). FSI's boss, the NGXM, sat in for two tracks, together with Lynn, the petite chilli padi body attack instructor. The mike failed during track 3, but was rectified by Lynn. The first timer was so exhausted she had to sit down.....which part of "whatever you do, do not sit, just march in place" she didnt understand, I'm not sure.

Argh, I'm getting too old for this.....creak creak....

Oh, is it just me, or does Superman look like he's having an the picture above???


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