Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pumping On Monday

I often wonder who are the guys and girls who can come for a 4.45 class. Unlike in the Curve, where the average age is a teen figure, in MJH/MML, the people are more urm, my age. Or at least they're old enough to have driving licenses. I have now been doing pump for more than a year. Started off around last April. So, is there any difference? Ya, for one, I've actually DROPPED my load because of my elbow. At least for the shoulder and clean and press tracks. I was using pretty much the same weights as the young instructor yesterday, ie, 11kg for swats, 7½ kg for chest, 8½ kg for clean & press (dropped from 10kg), 5kg for triceps and biceps, 5kg for lunges, (actually this one can definitely load more, but after biceps, I just wanna go home), and am reduced to donuts for upright rows in shoulder track.

Has there been any difference? I wait for the day when I can change the blog name to FATBOYNOMOREBAKES. (that is, fatboynomore, bakes. not fatboy no more bakes). Back in my single days, when my parents were keen to flog me off to any potential bride, I was offered a certain amount of money to lose 10kg. I knew I didnt have to rely on looks to hook a bride, so I ignored the offer. But now, I am open to sponsorship.....so if anyone feels thus inclined to motivate me to shed the pounds....send a proposal.

Young Instructor, (YI for short) this time did not manage to fit all 10 tracks into the 45 minute class, because there were first timers and he felt obliged to explain some things to them in between. I'm not too fussed, and I don't think anyone holds it against him for not completing 10 tracks in that time. And YAY, its that time of month....when it is no longer obligatory for instructors to stick to the latest release, and therefore have the liberty of mixing and matching. However, despite the various comments, mainly not so positive, about the latest releases, I don't mind most of it. Which reminds me, I have yet to attend RPM and Body Attack for the latest. And it suddenly occured to me, I came dangerously close to doing some semblance of JAM, during FCI's charity auction class on Sunday. Thankfully, I could pretend to be a photographer, covering the event for the gym tatler.

I digress. The pump class was good, apart from the fact that penguins and polar bears could be spotted in the MJH studio. Emerged from the class sweatless thanks to the sub zero conditions. Biceps was a killer, with the 8 lower halves, 8 upper halves combo. No abs. I just learnt a new term yesterday. Flabdominals. The flab that protects the abs. I got plenty of those.


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