Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Combat Encore

After much deliberating whether or not to go for combat class, coz my lower back is kinda acting up again, I decided, ah, what the heck. So at 6.30pm I make my way to the gym. I have never had to park that low down before in MML, it was like basement 3b!!! As it turns out, FCI also arrived at the same time.

As I expected, by the time I got to the studio, at 6.40pm, the registration for the class was actually FULL HOUSE. Groan. Anyway, the guy taking the registration saw my plaintive look, and gave me a surreptitious "go ahead la" into the class. I am amazed that not more accidents happen within that small confines of the studio, with flailing arms and legs all over the place. I can actually feel the wind of the round house kick from the guy behind me, like it's just missed my ear by 2mm. FCI was in top form, and I have to say, this combat release is growing on me. From initially being ambivalent about it, I have grown to quite like it. I reckon if you could tap the energy from the class, and somehow convert it to electricity, there should be enough in that class to light up a small village in Aceh.

For track 6, the slow motion track, (they should play that bionic music and sound effects of six million dollar man....), coz I was trying to adjust my back ache, I almost toppled in the beginning of the front kicks, which did not escape the attention of the instructor, who LAUGHED at me. Now how wicked is that. Laughing at the lame. But I tell you, for some reason, that track culminates in the most sweat. I think it's partially the sudden slowing down in pace, but intensity increases, plus the heat generated from the 1st 5 tracks, makes it an ideal sweathog situation. We actually finished all 8 tracks with time to spare, so before conditioning, FCI offered to do another power track, (after I had already lied down on my mat), which was greeted very enthusiastically by the class. So we did an extra power track, hence, Encore Combat. FCI also announced that he will be doing 1 track of body jam (result of the miracle auction) this sunday, at axis. (he didn't specify WHICH track, it better not be the conditioning or cool down).

And no, I will not be resuming the old blog.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

If the new BJ36 warm up track, there will be a lot of hip action and shaking! A real must-see!

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Oops! Am getting dyslexic! Should be BJ37 and not 36

At 12:45 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

are u gonna go that morning? its a pain actually, coz i got father's day lunch with inlaws, so timing is really bad.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Dunno leh. Sundays are always very difficult.


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