Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The New Cerberus

I heard from FCI that on Monday night at the Curve, the new door guardian was so strict, and stayed there till track 8 to ensure no illegal registrants enter the combat class. Anyway, to avoid any such unpleasantries, and to press my nose up against the glass door in unashamed covetousness, I decided to make my way there early, (as in MJH), and leave the maid to take out the cake from the oven, at the risk of it burning....

The sacrifices we make for our favourite instructors....

Sunshine was there as well, and to very kindly passed me a cd she had burnt for me. Alas, I've since lost it, as it must fallen out when I pulled out the stuff from my gym bag, which is fuller than a pork dumpling. Lionheart was busy on the phone, after his Pump class. FCI was nowhere to be seen at 6.45, when class was supposed to begin, when he came running in, mumbling "why didn't you wake me up"....where the heck was he sleeping? i certainly didnt see.

Fabulous class as usual. He retained my two favourite tracks from the latest release, ie the jinga amadeus one, and the track 6. Also, my favourite muay thai... apparently from BC 24. The one with the 32 knees... can someone tell me which muay thai it is that has that knee shield after the roundhouse and jab sequence? The one where the crowd usually makes that annoying oooooooooooooOOOOOOOiak sound?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This picture has appeared before, but in a different context.

This time, I'm referring to the biceps track. Back in the fray, now that the dry skin has peeled and fallen off. Lionheart was at YI's class, and when YI announced that it will all be hard tracks, I couldn't help but wonder if it was in honor of Lion.

Actually, for that hour, that class is quite crowded, and what surprises me is, there are a lot of men there as well. Don't people work???? Ahem. But there was a guy there, faithful disciple of Richelle, who made a remark that people who go for this class are either in sales, bosses or self employed.

Class was good, as usual, packed 10 tracks into the 45 minute class. The Line Dance Funk instructor must have got tired of always having to wait the extra 2 minutes or so, so he was nowhere in sight after Body Pump.... YI was very considerate, wanted to put his ipod in the studio to play music for the waiting LD Funkers, (say that fast), but we said, aiya, no difference la.

Richelle's disciple and Lion were having an animated post class conversation about the efficacy of pump instructors. I guess if we were to mindlessly blog about everything that has been said about instructors, the legal suit of Rocky and Jeff Ooi would seem like a sunday school picnic!!! I'm sure, vice versa, when the instructors talk about members.... I can imagine... "haiya, that fatboy ah, doing class for 2 years oridi, still fat lah, he's a disgrace to les mills, let's get rid of him and accidentally drop a 10kg weight on him".... Something along those lines.

Oh, anyway, back to the cheesy picture.... I THINK we had 24 singles at the end of that biceps was either that or 16, but sure felt like 24. Hangon, do they come in sets of 8, or 6? You'd think after 1½ years, I'd know. I guess they're not like eggs, you can't go to the supermarket and say, oh, a set of biceps singles please....

Monday, January 29, 2007

Easing Back into Routine

First, and update on the finger. Here, we have the wonderful miracle of nature, whereby the old skin, drying up forms layers like an onion... looks gross doesn't it. The most inconvenient thing about this whole fiasco is not having a finger to dig my nose with. Anyway, this pic was taken a few days back, and it looks much less gross now.

Further to SC's advise to stuff myself with papase, I hurriedly rushed to the nearest grocer, and picked up a papaya. I was hoping for the pre cut ones, in a box, but didn't have, so I bought a whole papaya, and a tub of pre sliced cantaloupe, since it's the same color, and hoped it contained the same properties. Anyway, I am not sure about papaya's anti inflammatory effects, (later on I went again to the grocer and there was a tub of precut papaya), but I can certainly verify its efficacy as a laxative.

Let's see, last Thursday I actually did go for Body Step at lunchtime. It is amazing how chirpy FSI was. If you were to plot the visible emotions (visible as opposed to what's really going on in a person's mind), it would have appeared something like this from last last thursday to last thursday:

Oh well.... such is life.

On Friday, had a dinner to go for so couldn't attend Richelle's pump class, though I really wanted to coz I remember the pain of going back to pump after a 2 week hiatus. Will be headed down that painful road today at YI's class.

On Saturday, instead of heading for Leon's concert in the curve, I thought I'd go for Nikeboy's last class in Manulife. The fler has been promoted and will be relocating to Singapore, bringing the end to an era. This name, has been on this slot, in MJH, for apparently, 3 years and 3 months:

Now that IS a long time by all accounts. The last class was a beach/hawaiian theme...he politely told me to refrain from wearing speedos to the class. Are only the beautiful bodied entitled to parade their wares in public??? Sheesh!!!

Only 3 of us were in "beach theme", so to speak, plus nikeboy, who wore an orange hawaiian floral shirt over his normal top. I was in some scruffy beach wear, the kinda thing I'd wear when on a dive trip....and when you bring only 2 change of land clothes for the entire one week.

The class itself was as usual, ah, but as a parting shot, he managed to pack in TEN tracks into that 45 minute class, and finished in good time. (as in enough time to shower and leave the gym before they locked the doors). Oh well, wishing him all the very best in his pursuits and endeavours down south. I wonder who will be replacing him in that combat slot, or if it will still remain AS a combat slot at all.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Excuse Not To Workout

Gross hor!!! The build up of pus in the finger was so painful, I coudn't clench my fist, so that ruled out Body pump and RPM. Meanwhile this morning I went to the doctor as my finger went into labour and was ready to pop. This time round, it was already so numb I could hardly feel the Local Anesthetic Jab. (it was horribly painful last week)

The eye infection seems a bit better.

Now, I probably can't go for combat, coz these would be the positions of my upper cuts, and jabs respectively, since I can't bend my pointer. I might be thrown out for poking someone's eye out, or for making rufe gestures.

Meanwhile, I've put on a shocking 3kg since not going to gym since Thursday. Maybe 2kg of it is the antibiotics.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

In The Lion's Den

First, like Choobacca showing off his toes, I must show off my fingers. I don't know where it's been, but I managed to get it infected.

Now on my 2nd course of antibiotics, were it not for heavy sedation by painkillers, I'd be screaming like a birthing woman. (I know, I know, the wife has pointed out that my pain can't even compare at all). Now, all I have to do is wait a bit and go to the doctor to once again have the pus oozed out. (already one round on Saturday). And I have an eye infection as well, (unrelated) now I am pumped with oral antibiotics, antibiotic cream for finger, and for eye.

Last Saturday, since it was Awal Muharram, and therefore a public holiday, and therefore, no combat with FDI, was a leisurely one. Finger infection aside, it was a very party saturday. Tea, with long island teas, at a friend's house, and the best part, DINNER at the Lion's Den.

Lionheart hosted a fabulous dinner, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, consisting yummy crab sang choi pau, his signature HAKKA MEE, which was absolutely GORGEOUSSSSS, (yum, thinking about it makes me wish I could have a plate now), Hakka Yong Tau Foo, another signature dish, Hong Chau Kai, (Red Wine Chicken, which goes really well with rice), and absolutely sinful sinful fattty, need three hours of RPM to burn off kinda, homemade charsiew. What is this doing on a gym blog? Well, to show the rest of the world that us gym folks do have lives out of gym. Ahem. Also, mainly because it was all gym folk except some spouses here and there.

It's a bird, it's a plane, oh, it's batman

FCI was in top form. Must have been eating dog food for breakfast, judging by the number of bitchy remarks.

Lioness With The Two Lambs

The arrival of Leon Lai, like all celebrities, cause a stir, and was received with much enthusiasm by all.

We Three Kings of Orient Are....hmm... or is it...err...

Master Chef and Master Host

And for dessert, smooth velvety custard with honey instead of caramel. Yummy.

Yhsmom and Mr yhsmom

What an wonderful dinner. Thanks muchly dear Lionheart. Next time bring out the choc fountain!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

No More "I Love You" s...

Rather interesting choice of tracks in FSI's lunchtime step class. I was very late, entered in the middle of track 2 i think. Very few people yesterday, surprisingly. Now that the "new release compulsory period" is over, he was doing old familiar tracks. Haven't done step in awhile, so it was a major struggle. Could feel the thighs and carves aching immediately. To make things worse, had missed the warm up.

Track 10 had lyrics like So Release Me...which was hard.

I've never heard that particular cooldown track before, which had No More "I Love You"s. Combed the track listings, not sure what the actual title is. Quite a nice song.

Meanwhile, at night, yhsmom excitedly texts me saying the the Jinga song from Body Combat is actually a remix of the theme from Fearless, the Jet Li movie from where we derived the term No 1 in Tianjin for a certain combat instructor. After a flurry of sms exchanges, it turns out it wasnt. I'd have been surprised if Fearless had songs which chanted Amadeus.....

Wednesday, back to old routine, lake gardens, no gym. So nothing to report.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Like A Meg Ryan Chic Flick....

...says yhsmom. She was referring to the fact that Lion and FSI were standing outside the studio, declaring they were confused, cos further to the advertisement in earlier post, there was some "strange" goings on in the studio. As in, you wouldnt have expected to see certain people there.

Anyway, once again I have to say, I think of all the releases, I enjoy this one the most in totality. ie, there are the most number of palatable tracks. You know how when you buy a cd, in all probability there are only a few songs that you actually like. This release is like buying a cd where you like 90% of the contents. And although I can't do that evasive sidekick thingie, (or rather, am too old to risk it) I LOVE that jinga song. And track six.... how does it go? "I don't wanna hurt you, I don't wanna see you sad"....something like that. You'd think someone in the audience was singing the lyrics. There was a first time appearance by Rantings of the Ravenous. By the way, can someone tell me what that plank thing is for? The plank in the conditioning. Seems to be featured in all the other classes too.

And HOW exciting to hear from master trainer from island republic, that the next release will feature evasive sidekick AND jump kick together!!!! I am sure FDI is looking forward to this. Nothing like those lanky long legs to demonstrate the litheness and limberness in an evasive sidekick & jumpkick.

Noticed that the instructress who used to teach the tuesday slot was there, she's popped, congratulations. Boy, time flies. One minute you're conceiving, then you're preggers, and then you're a parent.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pump Rump Per Pump Pump

I know Christmas is over, and the little drummer boy would have gone home by now. Hmm, Little Drummer Boy, .....quite an apt name for YI. Afterall, rumps and pumps feature heavily in his life. I mean, body pump is supposed to shapen the rump right. Monday pump classes require the MOST discipline, I reckon, to attend, coz well, it's Monday, and... you know, it's Monday.

Actually, come to think of it, after all these months attending Combat on Saturday in the Curve, I still am quite a stranger there, as in, I hardly know anyone, except for Sunshine and Sidekick. And the instructor. Whereas, in MJH, it's quite a different feeling for me, coz usually I'd know at least a few more people. Like in Monday's pump.... the regular faces. Was chatting with a fellow member, who was wondering why I referred to YI as young boy. He was shocked when he found out YI's age. Considering his youth, he carries himself in an exceedingly mature manner, I have to say. When I was that age, I don't recall ever talking to anyone who's my age now, except when I am addressing them as "uncle".

Ya, the fler was a bit late, but still managed to cramp in 10 tracks, though he did encroach into LINE DANCING FUNK class's time. Line Dancing Funk!!!! Now, that's another class that falls into the same category as Body Jam for me. It'll be a Snowy day in the Kalahari before you see me doing that!!!! Admittedly, it looks quite fun, and the moves are very err...definite.

YI reverted back to the old tracks. What I can't fathom is, why doesn't pump get easier? It should right, theoretically. I've been at it for over a year now, of course my weights have increased since I started, but has remained at the same weights for the past year or so. In fact, I've dropped the clean and press weight from 10kg to 8.5kg, coz of the elbow, and YET, body pump seems tough every single time. It's like a state of perpetual virginity. Fellow member also concurred.

I think Fitness First should have an event when members get to teach one track.... I would love to see Lionheart up there teaching a pump track. Or step, for that matter. (you can thank me privately for the brilliant suggestion, Lion).

Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow White Teaching Combat

As it was a slow week as far as baking was concerned, I was free on Friday to go for pump. It's always nice to go for that pump, coz Lionheart and Yhsmom are usually there, and Richelle's face always has a ready smile when she sees me appear....her legion of male fans in football jerseys were there in full force, and I only just managed to get into the registration. And usually we catch the tail end of FSI's free step class, so it's like a big reunion of sorts. Yhsmom was in flurry saying she couldn't get on, but miraculously, there was one LAST spot.

Then, the inevitable happened. One bar short. Of all people not to have a bar, it was LION!!!! 10 minutes elapsed, the registry had to be read out...brrr, how humiliating. Even after one girl left, there was STILL one bar and board short. Turns out one chappie had registered, but he was from the previous step class, so he kindly volunteered himself out, as you're not supposed to do back to back. Very noble. Apparently at least 4 tracks were requested by Lion, so they were expectedly TUFF TUFF TUFF. (that's the way yhsmom spells the word in her sms-es). My arms are aching till today actually. That biceps track was a killer, and the Boom Boom track is always painful. Anyway, Richelle's classes are usually "tuff". It's been awhile since I've been in such a packed pump class, very stifling, not having lots of space. Felt really suffocated. Didn't know which way to turn to do lunges. And didn't know which direction to face when lying on board....

Saturday at the Curve.... accidentally took the Eastin Taman Tun route, which saves RM1 on toll, but I reckon burns even more fuel. Parking is getting even worse. All these Leon fans flocking to his class, no doubt. Had to park in R zone... which is far away from A zone, which is where one usually parks to access FF. The sacrifices we make. Not in his usual black, he was decked in White, hence, a passer by commented, wah, Snow White ah? ...and he then burst into song, Some Day My Prince Will Come.... (ya, I'm sure) And all of a sudden, that sight hit me like an on coming truck. That bush of armpit hair, juxtaposed against his sparkling white, sleeveless outfit..... if ever I needed shades, (sunglasses, not the other instructor), it was now.... it was like seeing a zebra sunbathe in the kalahari.

Sunshine burst out laughing when he said "dont scoop" during the group track.....oh oh, yes, forgot to mention, there was a guest star appearance by that famous Fifi fler....who of course stood right in front.

Somehow the entire workout was quite exhausting, and for conditioning, hmmm, I'd say there were some very suspiciously timed "demos" by FDI, eg during the triceps push up, he suddenly got up on his knees to demo the right technique, and again during the plank, he suddenly got up to demonstrate how NOT to put your butt in the air.....hmmm, very suspicious indeed. But it was a great class as usual....he was a bit disappointed there were no primal screams when he turned off the lights for conditioning. I still LURVE the Bocelli cooldown my horror, I realised that the album I bought, Andrea Bocelli Amore, has a different version of that song, Because We Believe. ie, it was a solo in the album. The duet is much nicer.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Since I Didnt Do Step, Let's Talk About TV

Forgot to bring my gym bag for lunchtime step yesterday, despite packing it in the morning.

So, let's continue with the vintage TV programes, since there were so many comments yesterday. Rather than replying one by one.

For me, some of the most memorable moments in childhood TV (Lionheart, you mentioned you loved bugs bunny cartoons? tweety bird ah?) are :

1. Mary Ingalls going blind....(Little House on Prairie. And yes, isn't Nellie Olsen just the most wonderful villain, but her mother!!!! Wasn't there an episode when she was wheelchair bound and got pushed into a lake?) I recall everyone talking about it, and the amount of tears gathered could have flooded Johor.

2. Jamie Sommers accident....that appearance in $6m Man, subsequently made her into the bionic woman. I used to LOVE watching episodes when both she and Steve Austin appeared together.

3. Ultraman "Dies" the man of steel, our friend also needs the sun one. Cant exactly remember the details, but I remember being very sad.

4. Combat - One episode when this French woman is desperately looking for her baby. English and German troops lay down their arms for a temporary truce to help her find MON BABY...
turns out she was delusional, and the baby had died years ago. I also remember watching the twilight zone show where Vic Morrow was killed.... (they didnt show THAT lah).

5. Dallas - Of course, who shot JR!! Also when Jock Ewing dies (coz he karked in real life). And then they replaced Barbara Bel Geddes with that awful Donna Reed for a year. Lost interest in the series after Bobby's death was a dream sequence. That season when Bobby was dead was very interesting....with Barbara Carreras as the villain.

6. Dynasty - Crystal hosts a reception, and Alexis picks up a watercress sandwich....and says, "Crystal, watercress are for giraffes". And who can forget the massacre in Moldavia. That gorgeous Catherine Oxenberg and her pretentious accent. Couldnt stand the new Fallon Carrington. Pamela Sue Martin, of Nancy Drew fame, was the original.

7. Mini Series, the THORN BIRDS... (1983), I remember being glued to the TV despite it being my HSC exams. (in Australia). That old hag, Barbara Stanwyck tries to molest Richard Chamberlain...."Ralph Debricassart, you are the most beautiful man I've ever seen". He oso another one, stripping in front of an old woman. What do you expect.

8. Centennial, mini series. Clay Basket, Pasquinel, Levi Zendt....(Trapper John MD). Clay Basket gets bitten by a cobra and dies.

9. MASH, last episode, where Hotlips and whatsisname, have their mouths locked in a passionate kiss for a whole minute, just before parting ways.

10. The Colbys, when Sabel finds out her husband, Charlton Heston, (Jason Colby?) was sleeping with her sister, Francesca. She then goes on to have an affair with Ricardo Montalban. (Fantasy Island). That daughter, Monica, was absolutely gorgeous, or at least used to be.

My favourite all time TV villains: JR Ewing, Alexis Colby, Sabel Colby, Adam Carrington
My favourite TV alcoholic : Sue Ellen Ewing
The goodie two shoes I detest: Pamela Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Krystal Carrington
Childhood crushes : Jaclyn Smith...(Charlie's Angels), Monica Colby (whattt was her real name!).
Childhood heroes: Steve Austin, MacGyver

Other programs not mentioned in comments: WKRP In Cincinnati, Family (another tear jerker la, this one....the only person who became famous I think was Nancy, who became the mother in Family Ties), the english series, Lily (Langtry...starring Francesca Annis), Anna Karenina, the Duchess of Duke Street, I Dream of Jeannie, Scarecrow and Mrs King.....

Sigh sigh sigh, nostalgia nostalgia.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back To Old Routine

Years ago, before Fitness First was in my vocabulary, Combat meant either fighting, or referred to that old TV show starring... Vic Morrow, and had that catchy theme song. Of course, 98% of people in Fitness First now would have NO idea which series I'm talking about.

Anyway, my routine on Wednesdays, in the pre FF days, was, go to Lake Club, after work, have a short nap in the "resting room", (which is part of the larger restroom), go for a jog around lake gardens, and then proceed to make the journey south for dinner with my inlaws. All this changed when I first attended FCI's class, on that Wednesday slot, 5.40pm. Before that, some Caucasian chap was teaching, and the class was super packed. (not that FCI's wasnt packed. It was just as bad) Meanwhile, I attended combat with other instructors. But of course, once bitten by the FCI bug, there was no turning back, and I turned my back on a 6 year old routine, forsaking it for Body combat on Wednesday, 5.40pm in the then Menara John Hancock. Alas, he only taught that slot for about 3 or 4 months, whereafter it was taken over by Sistine Chapel.

To cut a long story short, I stuck on with the new routine, as I rather enjoyed Sistine Chapel's, aka Frodo's, (also recently voted as top 10 hunks or whatever) class. When FCI came back to teach on Tuesdays, I still continued going to FF on Wednesday, either for pump, combat or RPM.

Yesterday, I by chance went to lake gardens.....ah, such nostalgia. I've decided to resume my old routine again, ie, no gym on Wednesday. Time to breathe the fresh air and sing "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong in my head. So, if you want to find me on Wednesday, look for me in lake gardens.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back To Ze Humdrum

Okay, enough of the previous topic. It inundated and completely eclipsed Leon Lai. Tsk!!!

Monday pump, as usual with YI. He stuck mostly to the new release, if not all of it. It's only my 2nd time doing that new release, but gosh, those triceps dips.... I notice many lighter people have no problems. But last wednesday, there was this rather portly fellow who also seemed to have no problem, so I really have no valid excuse. Into 3 dips and already I feel like giving up.

Lunges, on both occasions, I've felt the beginnings of cramps in my calves. Quite wicked. But apart from that, the class was fine. Nothing very juicy to report there. Interesting to watch the Line Dancing Funk class after pump. Same league as Body Jam, ie, you wouldn't catch ME in that class. Most of the people there seem to be from the Body Jam class that used to be in that slot.

Yesterday, FCI's class as usual. Yhsmom asked if the class was packed, surprisingly it wasn't overly so. In fact, when I got there at 6.35pm, I managed to register legally. He stuck entirely to the new release, which was great, coz I haven't experienced the whole new release with him teaching. In the charity event, he only taught 3 of the 10 tracks, sharing the rest with FDI and No 1 in Tianjin. Oh, speaking of charity event, poor Shades. Apparently after delivering the cheque of the proceeds to the Thalasemia association, a car reversed into his door!!!!

Apart from the fact that FCI was picking on me, "don't scoop. Where did you learn to scoop like that? (referring to upper cuts)", etc etc, "higher knee please", ...come on, give an old man a break, it was a great class as usual. The usual loud speakers were there to ensure lots of noise. Now, isn't it nice to have a non tabloid post.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Definition of Cute

I haven't been able to get onto blogger all day, but one particular comment in the previous post really irritated me. The commentor had the audacity to say , "Cute=in dictionary is ugly but adorable. ". This phrase is nothing new, but what really gets to me is how it is simply quoted as being from a dictionary. A DICTIONARY? It is time to set the record straight. I defy anyone to show me WHICH dictionary (not bitchionary) has this idiotic definition. Let us verify our facts before saying things. These are definitions from Oxford, Merriam Webster and respectively, and NONE of these definitions are close, not even CLOSE, to that oft misquoted cliche. Let this dispel once and for all that erroneous definition of CUTE.

cute /kyut/ Pronunciation Key - [kyoot] Pronunciation Key - Pronunciation adjective, cut·er, cut·est, adverb, noun –adjective


attractive, esp. in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.


affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms.


mentally keen; clever; shrewd.



Informal. in a cute, charming, or amusing way; cutely: In this type of movie the boy and girl always meet cute.


adjective 1 endearingly pretty. 2 N. Amer. informal sexually attractive. 3 informal, chiefly N. Amer. clever; shrewd.

Main Entry: 1cute
Pronunciation: 'kyüt
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): cut·er; cut·est
Etymology: short for acute
1 a : clever or shrewd often in an underhanded manner b : IMPERTINENT, SMART-ALECKY cute with me>
2 : attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way
3 : obviously straining for effect

Sorry to steal the thunder from FDI, as Monday's posts would usually be about his saturday combat class. So, back to FDI's class.

Oh, before that, some additional glossary for sake of our highly esteemed Ben Tang from Singapore. Re his enquiry about the title FCI. Well, even Kings and Queens come and go, and the title moves on to the "original" FCI was indeed the same as the current FCI. SOmewhere along the line, he stopped teaching in MJH, and as I did not subscribe to passport membership, I could not attend any of his classes. As time went by, so too did the memory of FCI, until one day, another came in his place, and was crowned that title. Alas, his reign as FCI was shortlived, coz, 1. Original FCI made a comeback in MJH, 2. the 2nd FCI eventually left. Something like when King Richard Lionheart went to war and the throne taken over by Prince John.

Anyway, ya, back to FDI's class. Saturday as usual. Parking in the Curve, as sunshine and sidekick will attest, is becoming bad to worse. I hope FDI appreciates the effort, RM5, (toll both ways, parking ticket) and a good 15 minutes or so inhaling carbon monoxide in the parking lot. But the class always makes it worthwhile. FDI had just returned from a 2 week hiatus, and it was his first combat class. Oh, he's got a tan. Very slight, and in the studio lights, he still looks a whiter shade of pale.

In the middle of track 1, there was a black out!!! THere's something about a blackout that brings out the primal instincts of man and woman. As if by reflex, lights off elicit shouts and moans of esctasy. FDI was hesitant about proceeding with track 2, lest there were accidents in the dark. The lights kept coming on and off, not unlike a disco, which precipitated more shouts of esctasy. Woo, woo, kinda thing.

Apparently, he mentioned, "I tot I saw a puddy tat" but I didnt hear. Sunshine and Sidekick knew he was talking to me though. Missed it completely. I have to say I really enjoy this new release. So artistic. So inspiring. Hmm, what else happened? He made some boo boos, that's for sure, but like a diva in a concert, didnt bat an eyelash, and continued as if nothing happened. I wouldn't have realised actually were it not for the fact that sidekick was standing nearby.

Love love love that cooldown song by Andrea Bocelli and Patrizio Buane. Because We Believe or something like that.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Single... He Wants the Chicks to Know

Why am I always the bearer of good news. I've been instructed to announce, on behalf of my very highly eligible FCI, who has a nice apartment, car, body, (so they say), face, (subjective), height, (maybe not), length (anyone care to elucidate), that the fler is

SINGLE, and is taking applicants. Control yourself ladies....I know this sounds very egotistical but on the other hand, it could be desperation.

My work here is done. I wash my hands.

Did I Hear What I Heard?

After a month's absence from FSI's thursday lunchtime class, I finally managed to stage a "come back". (have been attending a course through out December, on Thursdays 10.30 to 1pm, so could never make it on time). FSI looked or pretended to look surprised when he saw me.

We're still on the new tracks, which was fine, coz something would be amiss if I didnt at least go through one class with FSI teaching a new release. Same old familiar faces, but the number of guys has increased threefold. ie, there were 3 of us guys. Bumped into the guy at the changing room who refers to me as the Thursday guy. (coz I'm always there thursday lunch).

Anyway, as if reading my mind, (probably it was that stifled laughter written all over my face), FSI said, "haha, don't expect a repeat of what happened". (referring to the Lioness Heart's UFO sighting). Of course, his class is great as usual. I guess I am really used to HMV. (his master's voice) Like pavlov's dog. His cueing I find is much easier to follow than replacements.

The first thing I THOUGHT I heard, was "I don't need your sugar, I don't need your balls." Half the time I can't make out the lyrics of these songs. The next thing that nearly made me burst out laughing was that track with the PEEP PEEP (car horn) sound....brought a sudden flashback. The next thing I thought I heard, while doing lunges, (I have to say, this release of pump and step have got MEAN MEAN lunges), was "you should feel a birdie sensation". (maybe it was BURNING sensation).

Anyway, let's see what FSI has to say.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

One Night In Bangkok Again

Dragged my lazy butt for body pump, and Herny, aka Horny, was surprised that it was my first time doing the new release. Yikes!!!!

I swear, the clocks in Manulife are fast. And not only that, you're in different time zones in different parts of the gym, as the clocks aren't synchronized. My phone clock, which has Astro time, showed the time to be 4.40pm, but when I entered the class, they had already started coz the studio clock showed 4.48pm. I get very flustered when I have to traipse through all these huffing and puffing body pumpers, trying to look as incongruous as possible.

Anyway, with no time to stretch, I braced for the worst. I swear, pump doesnt seem to get any easier over time, even using the same weights. Let's see if I can recall the tracks. Squats, lots of bottom halves, tiring. Chest, hmm, got break in between. Very rare these days. Clean and press....arrrrgh, very tough.... at least 18 C&Ps I think. Triceps euggggh, dips. For me, dips is the hardest of all the tricep thingies, coz I guess these matchstick arms have to bear the weight of the entire whale like body. Much like a T Rex doing dips. Biceps, was surprisingly okay. LUNGES!!!!!!! Omigoodness, they should just wear masks and wield sharp knives and guns. What a killer!!! I wonder if it was by design, that we had to increase the step board to maximum height for triceps, and move it back to original for lunges. Previously, whenever we had dips, the step boards will be piled back on its maximum height, after the class, with no one bothering to adjust the boards back to normal stackable levels. Lunges....with leg on the board. I almost felt my calves seizing up with cramps. Shoulders, well, coz of elbow, I still use donuts, so obviously that was okay.

Love the cool down song. Dunno what its called though.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Last Class Of The Year

Happy New Year all my fellow no, gymers? gymNers? Is gym a word? If so, it'll be one of the few you can use in Scrabble without a vowel.

Anyway, it's the 3rd day of 2007, and I haven't stepped anywhere close to a Fitness First. I was planning on going for exFCI's pump or RPM class yesterday at MJH, but had oversightedly committed myself to a post New Year brunch.

So, my last class of 2006. Snigger.

Well, it was FSI's normal Saturday morning slot, after pump at 10.15. Alas, FSI wasn't there, so for the first time, I was losing my "new release virginity" to a complete stranger. Being completely new to the new release, despite it being launched for what? 2 weeks now? I was surprised to see that the board is placed vertically, like in tracks 8-10 previously. Lionheart had kindly booked me a board, demarcated by a donut. Mrs Lionheart was there too, in a rare guest star appearance in Step. Ah, as fate would have it.

The replacement instructor was a new chappie, called Jay Jay. Or is it JJ. Hiaks. (according to FSI).

Famous dowager throws him into nervous mode at the very beginning by apparently warning him to keep the music down, according to Lionheart. But surprisingly, despite the "stress" that must have been piling, afterall, he was replacing FSI, not some nondescript fellow. It's like Mawi replacing Michael Jackson in a concert. To his credit, he was alright.

Towards the end of the class, however, Mrs Lionheart was treated to some sights beyond her wildest dreams. Lucky huh, how some people so rarely come to class and get these kind of UFO experiences.......we who go so regularly never get such treats.

I tot I saw a puddy tat.