Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Last Class Of The Year

Happy New Year all my fellow no, gymers? gymNers? Is gym a word? If so, it'll be one of the few you can use in Scrabble without a vowel.

Anyway, it's the 3rd day of 2007, and I haven't stepped anywhere close to a Fitness First. I was planning on going for exFCI's pump or RPM class yesterday at MJH, but had oversightedly committed myself to a post New Year brunch.

So, my last class of 2006. Snigger.

Well, it was FSI's normal Saturday morning slot, after pump at 10.15. Alas, FSI wasn't there, so for the first time, I was losing my "new release virginity" to a complete stranger. Being completely new to the new release, despite it being launched for what? 2 weeks now? I was surprised to see that the board is placed vertically, like in tracks 8-10 previously. Lionheart had kindly booked me a board, demarcated by a donut. Mrs Lionheart was there too, in a rare guest star appearance in Step. Ah, as fate would have it.

The replacement instructor was a new chappie, called Jay Jay. Or is it JJ. Hiaks. (according to FSI).

Famous dowager throws him into nervous mode at the very beginning by apparently warning him to keep the music down, according to Lionheart. But surprisingly, despite the "stress" that must have been piling, afterall, he was replacing FSI, not some nondescript fellow. It's like Mawi replacing Michael Jackson in a concert. To his credit, he was alright.

Towards the end of the class, however, Mrs Lionheart was treated to some sights beyond her wildest dreams. Lucky huh, how some people so rarely come to class and get these kind of UFO experiences.......we who go so regularly never get such treats.

I tot I saw a puddy tat.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

One thing good about being a FF member is that the classes are not only entertaining but always full of surprises!

At 5:32 PM, Blogger YOU! said...

I did... I did... twa a puddy tat!! :p Happy New Year everyone!!


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