Monday, January 29, 2007

Easing Back into Routine

First, and update on the finger. Here, we have the wonderful miracle of nature, whereby the old skin, drying up forms layers like an onion... looks gross doesn't it. The most inconvenient thing about this whole fiasco is not having a finger to dig my nose with. Anyway, this pic was taken a few days back, and it looks much less gross now.

Further to SC's advise to stuff myself with papase, I hurriedly rushed to the nearest grocer, and picked up a papaya. I was hoping for the pre cut ones, in a box, but didn't have, so I bought a whole papaya, and a tub of pre sliced cantaloupe, since it's the same color, and hoped it contained the same properties. Anyway, I am not sure about papaya's anti inflammatory effects, (later on I went again to the grocer and there was a tub of precut papaya), but I can certainly verify its efficacy as a laxative.

Let's see, last Thursday I actually did go for Body Step at lunchtime. It is amazing how chirpy FSI was. If you were to plot the visible emotions (visible as opposed to what's really going on in a person's mind), it would have appeared something like this from last last thursday to last thursday:

Oh well.... such is life.

On Friday, had a dinner to go for so couldn't attend Richelle's pump class, though I really wanted to coz I remember the pain of going back to pump after a 2 week hiatus. Will be headed down that painful road today at YI's class.

On Saturday, instead of heading for Leon's concert in the curve, I thought I'd go for Nikeboy's last class in Manulife. The fler has been promoted and will be relocating to Singapore, bringing the end to an era. This name, has been on this slot, in MJH, for apparently, 3 years and 3 months:

Now that IS a long time by all accounts. The last class was a beach/hawaiian theme...he politely told me to refrain from wearing speedos to the class. Are only the beautiful bodied entitled to parade their wares in public??? Sheesh!!!

Only 3 of us were in "beach theme", so to speak, plus nikeboy, who wore an orange hawaiian floral shirt over his normal top. I was in some scruffy beach wear, the kinda thing I'd wear when on a dive trip....and when you bring only 2 change of land clothes for the entire one week.

The class itself was as usual, ah, but as a parting shot, he managed to pack in TEN tracks into that 45 minute class, and finished in good time. (as in enough time to shower and leave the gym before they locked the doors). Oh well, wishing him all the very best in his pursuits and endeavours down south. I wonder who will be replacing him in that combat slot, or if it will still remain AS a combat slot at all.

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At 11:17 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Grrrr,...i feel so geram,..i want to tear that dried skin off your finger!!!

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shuddered whenever I looked at your, there are loose skin...glad its getting better....

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not geram.. Sunshine... I "tar lang chan" when I see the loose skin... dunno why...

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB...Good one on FSI's Happiness Graph. I went to his Tuesday 45 min BS class last week, and I tell you, dat diva is over the moon man. And his CHOICE OF TRACKS...wah wat a big difference from the week ago, all happy ones. He was screaming "WE R HERE TO CELEBRATE LOVE. LETS CELEBRATE" during the party track, n he gave me a look, and laughed...he is in heaven...yee hah..

At 1:58 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

sunshine and EK, haha, geram oso too late liao...oridi peeled off myself lah. u really think i'd go walking around like that!!!

lion, where are the 10 recovery tracks?

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB...u think the 10 recovery tracks are "publishable" ah. Anyway you asked for it :-

1. I'm Your Man (or Woman...)
2. Have A Good Time
3. You Make Me Feel Mighty Real
4. Feels Like I'm In Love
5. Flash
6. Johnny Be Good (You Wanna Play
7. 100% Pure Love
8. Do You Wanna Party (Rel 59)
9. River Deep Mountain High or
Rock This Town Tonight or I
Like Candy
10.Hot In Herre
11.Can't Take My Eyes Off You; and
12.Let Me Love You.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

[stifled loud guffaw]....snigger...snort....

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Lion: Finally! Been waiting 2 weeks for THAT list! LOL

At 12:27 AM, Blogger Leonard said...

Gosh... what a good list. I might use it for my V-Day Special... hehe. :P

At 9:59 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

eh, yhsmom, 2 weeks ago, the tracklist was somewhat different leh....the cooldown was no more i love yous....

they should incorporate peaches and herbs REUNITED in future releases, as a cooldown.

leonard, for some bizarre reason, i unwittingly committed myself to doing jam if/when you taught it in KL.... so please, take your time.


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