Friday, June 29, 2007

FSI Missing Again

Well, you can't say I didn't try. Two consecutive days in a row, I try to catch FSI, so I can lose my Body step no ## (what is it? 65?) virginity to him, but yet again, he was missing on the Thursday lunchtime slot. I realised the minute I signed the register, for his name was struck out and replaced by Bryan. My first thought was, omigoodness, is it the Monica Seles Brian? The one who grunts during body pump as though ...ahem, you know....

Anyway, turns out it was a different one, again giving credence to my theory that certains names have a predisposition of becoming instructors. I have to say, the fellow royally screwed up the first track. Dunno if he was nervous or what, after all, these are the hallowed halls where gym luminaries like Lionheart drop their sweat daily. I myself, already unfamiliar with the tracks, was even more confused that normal. Well, if his first track was like roughly shaven ice kacang, his subsequent ones miraculously turned to gelato, smooth and seamless. Which perplexed me, hence I attribute it to nervousness.

It turned out quite alright actually. By track 3 he had regained the composure and confidence of a 60 year old diva, and I couldn't really tell if there were any other errors or not. This time there were THREE men (excluding the instructor) in the class, very rare for a Thursday lunchtime slot.

I thought this release was fairly enjoyable, though I was quite winded by track 6, and very rarely do I ever have to exit the studio for a drink in the middle of the class, but this was one time. I dunno which tracks it was that FSI and Nippon Macho Lady Instructor were practising a few weeks ago that was from this release, but resembled body jam....

I like the speed track. Oh well, much as I would have preferred to have lost my Body Step No ## viriginity to FSI, I guess once you're approaching the end of your chance, anyone also can la.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

From Body Step To GOF

My intention was to catch the new release of Body Step with FSI, before it was too late. I happily trotted to the gym, ONLY to discover, AYO, ..... well, actually, it was Ayu... replacing FSI for body step. Not that I have anything against Ayu, I dont even know who Ayu is. But when one's mental expectation had been set for a certain thing....even the best of replacements can sometimes be inadequate. It's like going to watch a Sheila Majid Concert, but Mawi sings instead.

Anyway, with Mr and Mrs Lionheart hovering around the registration table, it didnt take much persuasion to sign up for GOF instead. GOF is not GOLF pronounced by inarticulate chinamen. It stands for GROIN ON FIRE. Otherwise known as Argh Pee Em. RPM for me is like reflexology. The first time was so painful, it always brings a shudder to go back again. Mitigating factors here would be great company, great instructor, great music. It's like saying, oh, chuck me in the gas chamber coz my friends are there.

I picked a bike next to Mrs Lion, so she was flanked by Lion and me. On my right, was a seasoned RPM-er, who likes to mutter to himself. By the end of the 2nd track, I was sweating profusely. I don't really know how to describe RPM tracks. I mean, it basically is very non descriptable. You get onto the bike, the lights go off, you cycle nowhere, up and down imaginary hills, and gasp for breath in a room with very poor ventilation. Hey, it IS like chucking me in a gas chamber.

Then came track 5. Whenever Lion declares he likes a track, I instinctively know it's going to be a killer. Yup, sure enough it is. But, the GOOD thing about RPM is, it REALLY DOESNT have to be a killer. Horny said something really weird. RIDE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING. Ya well, honey, that is the idea you know. No one's watching, so no turn up the dial. Okay la, I wasn't that bad, I didnt cheat all THAT much, and there were times, my resistance levels WERE enough to give me a minor cardiac.

But I do love the music, especially that Rhythm is a Dancer song. (I think that's the title). There's that usual esctatic feeling at the last beat of the song for the last track. It IS FINISHED!!!! Yahoo. My favourite part of GOF is the cooldown. It never ceases to amaze me how that "flush out the toxins" bit of the cooldown actually works. During the GOF game, I think my knees would buckle from all that lactic acid build up. But surprisingly after the cooldown, hey, I'm as good as new. (by new, I mean 40 instead of 50).

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Can't Remember My Original Heading

During combat yesterday, I thought of a really good title for today's post, but I think it must have leaked out of my brain together with the sweat. I have absolutely NOOO recollection of what I meant to write.

Let's see, maybe if I mentally run through the class track by track, it might come back to me. Of course, FCI didnt want to start the class until Lionheart entered, making the rest of us mere mortals wait. For some reason, everyone tended to stand very far back yesterday, at the beginning, leaving a big buffer between the class and FCI. His amazon squad was there in full tow, which was good, because in the absence of Certifiable Steve, they provided the much needed impetus for the screaming and yelling.

I need to stretch this post, by hook or by jab, (by crook), because FCI accused me of favouring FDI and giving his class such a long write up. Yada yada yada. Anyway, in the middle of one of the tracks, with all the coolness and suaveness of a DJ in a disco, FCI does a voice over (like those DJs making a comment while the music's playing), "You Kok Hoe sends his apologies he can't be with us tonight, as he's outstation". Of course, such remarks are only meant for certain target groups, as the rest of the class didnt know what he was talking about!!!!

AHHHHHH, I REMEMBER NOW!!!!! THE TITLE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE, "LEFT FOOT FORWARD, AS IN YOUR LEFT FOOT"!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! One of the Amazons gave me a knowing chuckle when he made that remark. He definitely was referring to FDI's big boo boo last saturday, though FCI was quick to say, "that wasn't a remark". (yar, right). That was for track 3.

Jinga...actually his cueing was excellent, and got us into a correct rhythm. But I find this track has one jinga too many. And it's not even Christmas yet. Jinga bell, jinga bell, jinga all the way. I actually quite enjoyed the circle track this time round, ..... Lion was expressing his dislike for the new release. I agreed with him that I didnt like it at first, though I've kinda gotten used to it by now.

Anyway, it was a great class. There was one chappie there who looked positively bushed, I was quite concerned that he may keel over..... Mrs Lionheart joined the festivities midway.

What can I say? This has to be longer than the last Saturday's post.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Very Crowded For Four Forty Five

I often wonder who are these men who can attend a 4.45pm body pump class, or any other class for that matter. They must fall into one of a few categories: 1. self employed, ie, self boss, 2. students, 3. unemployed or in between jobs, 4. on mc, 5. in sales.

Anyway, I saw Lion at the foyer at about 4.25. That guy is darn busy one, it took him 20 minutes to weave his way from the foyer up to the studio. The good thing about a period of new release is, you know the syllabus, and they cant make it any harder (or easier) just because Lionheart is in the class. A surprise attendee was Megs, who doesnt normally appear at this time slot.

For the squat track, two people were carrying that insane weight of 17.5 kg on each side, ie, Lionheart and Jay. (who is sporting a new more kempt hairdo. He previously had enough hair flopping around to start a wig shop). I motioned to Megs that "they're mad" sign, when she gave a look of complete disbelief. This particular squat track is very cardio intensive, and I find myself sweating as if I'd done a run on the treadmill, after the track. I guess this is why body pump cant be prescribed as an alternative for weights workout, as its probably very cardio. Lionheart plonked on an extra kg on YI's bar for chest. Heh heh, who's the instructor and who's the instructee, sometimes one wonders.

Maria Von Trapp (or Rogers and Hammerstein) would turn in their graves to know their Lonely Goatherd song was used as a torture weapon. Lei ode lei ode lei hee hoo. I guess it is that new move, the whatchamayacallit, that is the real killer. Take that out of the equation, and the track is really not that bad. Megs didnt even bother attempting the triceps pushups after that evil first part of the track. Biceps was easy enough. No Kit Kat though.

Lunges. It was interesting to note that not a SINGLE MAN there, save for the instructor, took the option of using weights for lunges. Some gallant females did do it with weights. It cannot possibly be a good thing for the knee, this lunge on the board thingo. Or does it actually strengthen the knee?

I hate the shoulder track as well. But I couldn't jolly well carry 1kg on each side, when even the first timer started off with 2.5kg. And that conditioning track, .... Words escape me. I must make it a point to try this release under horny and richelle.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Anyone Here Done The New Release?

It's good to have FDI back after a long hiatus. He's been jetsetting, as usual. Wasn't even at the Miracle 07. Sadly, none of the usual familiar faces (except Lilo) were there at that Saturday class. Sunshine apparently has a minor slip disc, Sidekick, well, I've not seen him since he became an instructor himself, at that class, so I felt rather lonely. It is sheer dedication and loyalty that brings me back to the Curve for FDI, to a class full of strangers.....

Anyway, after such a long break, I was rather looking forward to some bloopers on stage. He had Lillian up there shadowing with him, to mitigate any serious disaster.... His first question was, "Has anyone here done the new release"? I swear I saw a gleeful grin when no one put up their hand. I have, of course, done it, but I wasn't about to draw any unwanted attention in my direction. The warm up started off without any visible hitches, (Lillian is a really smiley instructor, I just noticed), and track 2 was okay too. By this time, I was getting a bit disappointed that there had been no major boo boos. Then, track 3 started, with the correct cueing, "Left foot forward", but I think he forgot that that cue was meant for us, not him, sniggggggerrrrrr. But like all great divas, he didnt bat an eyelid, and selamba only, switched it back to the correct side....I doubt anyone would have realised.

Then came the Jinga!!!! What a riot. As it is I am already confused, ..... well, I don't know how quite to put it delicately, without implying that's he was suffering from temporary amnesia. Heh heh.... but, as I said, diva being divas, they recover from their bloopers with a graceful smile, like that of a benevolent dictator's wife handing out food to the peasants.

I cant remember what other tracks were eventful, but it was a darn tiring class. Added with the fact that the last gym session I had was FCI's class on Tuesday....(boy I am really slacking off)....

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Megs, You Can Buy Your Lottery

Megs once said, "if there's ever a class where FCI doesnt pick on you, I'll buy lottery". Well, yesterday was such a class. Mainly because I was in the foulest of moods, and had forewarned FCI not to make any smart alec remarks to me. It worked.

As usual, the theatrics at the beginning, shouting for Lionheart to join the class. He was represented by Lionness instead, and when it was apparent that Lion wasnt gonna show, he finally started the class. Combat 32, its called.

Well, I am ambivalent about the new release. I cant say I like it, nor do I dislike it. I enjoyed it a lot better last night than at the miracle, where there were too many distractions, and too many people. I kinda like the warm up, mainly coz of the new moves. The Jinga track 4 is a bit too long, but nice combo of evasive sidekicks and front kicks to the side. Dont really know what to think of the groupie track. In any case, MJH studio is always too small for a circle. Quite like the track 6. Muay thai forgettable. Conditioning, eugh....hate anything with kicks.... cooldown, okay lah.

But of course, since FCI was teaching the class, it was a great class as usual.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh The Pain, The PAIN

Was anticipating the new release for pump with a bit of dread, since the prognosis came back as "Lionheart likes it". If he liked it means, it must have been darn tuff. The music is quite nice though, I have to say, although the Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music will never quite reverberate the same way it used to in my ears now.

YI was very early this time round, as I bumped into him at the cafe outside, about 4.30pm. All the mats were laid out on the studio floor, presumably to be cleaned. About 5 minutes before class started the mats were cleared, allowing us to set up our bars.

I think like childbirth, the pain has induced a temporary amnesia, because I suddenly cannot remember anything about the class, except that it was painful, especially triceps. It IS really the mother of all tricep tracks. What a treat, almost everything in one track. Overheads, sides, french press (is that what its called? the one with one weight over the head) AND surprise surprise, PUSH UPS at the end. Rachel gave a shriek after the track, echoing my sentiments. If I had carried the Lion's weight, I might have ended up with a fractured skull.

And lunges. Anything involving a board, for lunges, is bad news. So much so, I didnt even bother trying it with the bar at all. This class reminds me of my first reflexology experience. It was SOOO painful, and traumatic, it took me a year before I plucked up the courage to go again, and till today, I am never a big fan of reflexology.

Lets see, in summary, chest, triceps, lunges, shoulders, conditioning, were all, in MY opinion, killers. Though of the 5, triceps stand out as the major murderer.

Brrr, just thinking about it....that this is what we'll be doing for the next 3 weeks....why dont you just gouge out my eyes now and lay me on a bed of spikes.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I realise now that I dislike crowds with a passion. First was the stress of having to get a carpark in the Curve. Actually, not all the traffic in that area was generated by this event. On its own right, the Curve seems to be packed on weekends.

Miracle 2007 was held in the lower ground area of cineleisure, next to the Curve. With so much music blaring in all directions, I wasn't sure which was what. Found my way to the correct venue, and saw a body attack class in progress. Looked good, I have to say. But there didn't seem to be many people at all. Not to mention, I didnt recognise any of the instructors.

As I was making my way down the escalator, bumped into shades, (you can view more pics of the launch on his blog) who was peering over my back, as I was sms-ing FCI. He snidely remarked, "I guess you're here for FCI".... "of course not", I replied, "I'm here to see all of you guys". And that was probably the truth. When else do you get all the "greats" in one stage. However, what I didnt know was, it was also a nike tribe thingie. 3 teams took 3 of the tracks.

Tracks 1-2 were by Renee, 3 was by a tribe, 4 was by shades, 5 by no 1 in tianjin, 6 & 7 were done by respective tribes, 8 by crystal, and 9&10 by FCI. The cooldown track actually allowed him to showcase his artistic-ness.

Anyway, all the guy combat instructors had their hair painted white, something like skunks, except in a weird pattern of concentric circles, that resembled target practice, or something. For the jinga track, the people kept going further and futher back, so much so I must have drifted at least 5 metres from my original starting point. The makeshift carpet was quite slippery as well.

We were supposed to vote for the best tribe. As a matter of principle, I didnt cast my vote because I felt the allocation of tracks deemed it a bit unfair to judge impartially. Naturally, the tribe showcasing the muay thai track had more to show, as opposed to the tribe that only had a power track. I'm not sure who won in the end.

FCI and me

Note the design of concentric circles on FCI's head.

FCI and Star Wars Primate

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back To Body Combat

I cant remember when was the last combat class, let alone's who's it was that I last went to.

Therefore, despite aching from body pump the day before, I had to, by hook, or by jab, be there for FCI's class. Such a brilliant instructor, how could I possibly miss his class. So, I made sure I got there early as one cannot risk being turned away just because a list is full. Now that they put the list at the counter, it seems to be easier to get on, and I was number 10. YI was replacing Richelle for pump, and it looked like a pretty tough class. Lionheart was there, so I was glad I wasn't.

Although he was already late, FCI killed time waiting for his favourite member, Lionheart to re-enter the class before he began. We finally began about 6.53 or so.... 8 minutes behind time. He gave a broad grin when Lionheart finally roared in.

Not many of the usual suspects there.... Megs, Sunshine, Meenachi, Panjang all not there, though the female panjang was. Certifiable Steve was there though, leading in the shouts. Great selection of tracks. By track 4, the jinga one, I was feeling thoroughly pooped. Apparently the next release has a 7 minute jinga. Didnt care much for track 5, the group track. Seemed interminably long, and not particularly exciting. FCI did direct one of the members on the opposite side to attack me. Oh, earlier on, he made a reference, split the room into two sides, Leon Lai's side and my side. Both Lion and I went to Leon Lai's side....snigger, although he wasnt there.

However, I have to say, it was an awesome class. The energy level was superb, and its been awhile since I heard so much screaming. The women these days don't seem as powerful as they used to be in terms of shouting capacity. Maybe all the amazons became instructresses already.

The conditioning was wicked. It's the one with the kicks. Bang bang?? Thank you so much FCI for such a wonderful class.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Aching Now

Am paying the price of my sloth over the last few weeks. The return to pump has rendered me nearly paralysed. I am aching in every conceivable place. My chest feels like I'm on the brink of heart attack, my thighs ....god forbid I should need to use a public squat loo in the next 24 hours, my arms, ....the baby will just to forego her usual being carried in daddy's arms for today.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little, but heck, I am in pain. When I first got to the studio, Riyo and Teoh were practising what looked very much like Body Jam moves, but apparently it was body step. Wow, it looks jammy!!! Their launch was at 6.45pm, too late for me, as I had to attend the opening gala of URMI, a local production of the Tempest, where exFCI was acting in. It was surprisingly very good, and his thespianic skills have certainly improved....but let me not digress.

So ya, YI was late, (actually the MJH clocks are also about 5 minutes fast), so when the clock showed 4.55, FSI very kindly took over the warm up while waiting. I am impressed that he knows the pump choreography at the back of his head, and was a super-natural at it. I half expected him to say, okay, lets warm up with a track of body step. But then again, he IS a qualified pump instructor.

Truth be told, I was relieved that YI was late, which meant he couldnt stuff all the 10 tracks into the 45 minute class like he usually does. Appreciative as I am of that mega effort, I was in too much pain, and almost did cartwheels, if my physique had allowed, when he skipped lunges. Also, he muttered when he first arrived, "oh, Lionheart isn't here, so don't worry..." and yar, boy was he right. Without Lionheart there, the bar is lowered, ...figuratively. I was probably the heaviest weight for clean and press. And YI's 12.5kg was the highest for squats, in the class. Again, I was relieved that Lionheart wasnt there..... to add to our pain. I did see him entering the gym as I was leaving though, presumably attending the Launches.

Brrr, tonight combat.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hi, Remember Me?

I'm back. Since the last post, after FCI's birthday, I've been to Vietnam, (Hanoi, Danang and Hoi An) for a friend's 40th Birthday party, afterwhich, feeling the guilt of leaving the kids at home for so long, had to ease the guilt pangs by bringing them to Singapore for the school holidays. Why Singapore? Because baby girl just got her new passport, and since I can't afford to bring them to London, I figured out the closest place to get her passport stamped, was Singapore.

No, I didnt even have time to wipe my ass, let alone go for classes at the Fitness First there, though hope springs eternal, and I did bring my sneakers, gym wear, and International FF Passport. Pity, would have loved to have surprised Ben or Leonard, in one of their classes.

Glancing at the Singapore timetable, I am amazed to note that even THERE, the names of instructors sound pretty similar to the ones here, hence espousing my theory that your name does predispose you to a certain profession. Or rather, in order to be an instructor, you must have a name that falls into a certain category. There's even a Maverick! Is that a guy or girl? Sounds like the parent couldnt decide between Mavis and Eric. No offense ya.

Anyway, after that super long hiatus, after Vietnam, I attended FSI's class on Wednesday evening, but was so exhausted, couldnt even finish track 10, so was pleased that had a good excuse to leave. (had inlaws dinner). And again, after another hiatus in Singapore, the first available class was again, FSI's class, but the old Thursday lunchtime slot. Bumped into FGXC at the foyer, and he showed me some BACK TO SCHOOL clips of the theme classes in SPK. 2ndFSI was wearing a schoolgirl's pinafore. Guffaw. Can we have those clips on YOUTUBE please.

Step was tiring. My heel ached all of yesterday after that. You know you're in for a long ride when even at the warm up, you feel winded. But it was a much needed workout. Still some familiar faces there. Well, time to get back into the swing of things. It's as if I never said goodbye.

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