Friday, April 27, 2007

Waning Interest

Recently, my interest in blogging about gym and going to the gym has waned to almost ICU levels. I certainly am not obsessed with classes as I was say a year ago, and definitely will not change social schedules (if any) to revolve around classes anymore. Oh dear!!!! Maybe I need Less Les Mills for now.

Anyway, having said that, I still love it as a form of forced exercise. Lacking the discipline to plod on the treadmill, and not being able to afford personal training, at least the classes force you into a regime, and they are generally rather fun.

Most of my friends, who know me for my fidgetiness are amazed that I've stuck with it for so long. Oh dear, what a terrible feeling it is to be jaded. As Evita asked General Peron, Where Do We Go From Here? ....How do we keep all our passions alive?

A tad melancholic. Where IS lionheart anyway? I havent seen/heard from him lately!

On Wednesday, decided to go for BODY STEP. As usual, FSI feigned a shock look to see me there. He insisted that everyone, unless they had some serious medical condition, raise their stepboard up a level, to the intermediate level. The entire process, of ensuring the recalcitrant ponteng-ers complied, took a good five minutes, as he stood watching like a prison matron.

Great class as usual. Strange strange strange combination of people, if you ask me. He (FSI) looked fresh as a daisy, ....he later on mumbled that he had just woken up. Ah, the life of the tai tai, afternoon naps, shake shake shake, ..... during one of the tracks, he was saying, chest proud, so I chipped in Kenny's classic line, "nipples face forward".... and another smart alec like me chipped in "and navel sucked in"....

Yesterday decided to utilise my newly bought new balance running shoes, so did the rounds in Lake Gardens. Took the Carcosa route....another chubby lad was jogging, a lot faster than me, and as passed me, gave a chirpy hallo. I think chubby people are generally jollier.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Groans and Grunts Says It All

You don't realise how quickly time flies, until you go back to a class after what seemed a brief hiatus, but actually, turns out, 3 weeks have elapsed since the last time you were there. YI reminded me, that it's been "ages" since I've been for his class. Even had a special "welcome back FBB[sic]" greeting at the start of the class.

I found the class EXCEEDINGLY TOUGH. The chest track, (I'm Real) was a real killer. Even the seasoned pumpers, carrying like 10 or 12.5kg on each side were heard moaning and groaning...and the shriek of relief at the end of the track said it all. I am usually able to finish a chest track without too much ado, with my measly 7.5kg on each side, but this time, it was a challenge. The clean and press wasn't much easier either, with at least 12 C&Ps before the break. And that shoulder track with the cross over pushups. What is the deal with those???? Brrrrr......

YI's biceps seem to be getting huger by the month. (hmm, there such a word? huge, huger, hugest? got right?) Spent some post class time yarning with fellow member about the advantages vs disadvantages of other gyms and other FF clubs. Apparently the new True Fitness in Jaya will have a swimming pool even.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Curve's Getting Stressful

Mad rush on Saturday, to get to the Curve, as I had to drop of a couple of cakes there, and get to combat on time. It's amazing how one earlier delay in the day can set off a chain of events that results on every thing else being turned into chaos.

The last cake drop was done at about 4.50pm, rendering me late already for combat. Nevertheless, perserverance is my middle name, so I braved the steady stream of cars entering the carpark, (the whole loop around the Curve resembled a cholesterol filled artery....totally clogged), only to find myself inhaling CO fumes for a good 15 minutes, bu which time, I reckoned the class should be up to track 6 if I could at all find a carpark, so had to make the command decision to abandon FDI's combat, and exit while I could still make it out for free. So, managed to sprint to the nearest autopay, and got away FOC. It would have been most disconcerting to have had to pay the usual RM4 for toll, both ways, and RM2 for carparking and STILL dont get to go for combat. Anyway, so despondent, dejected and disappointed, I headed home, resigning myself to no exercise for the day.

Then, it dawned on me, I had subconsciously noticed on Wednesday (Herny's pump class) that the Saturday evening slot at MJH, vacated by Nikeboy, was being taught by Sidekick. Being a new instructor and all, he certainly has been getting a lot of exposure. I've seen him team teach with FDI before, so he was no stranger. So, I thought I'd head over to old familiar territory. The numbers for that class remain constant. Comfortable. My old "classmates" were still there, people like Atlas, etc. Sidekick looked surprised to see me.

Anyway, it was a good class. Rather intensive selection. Apart from the Stuck on You, most of the stuff was from more recent releases. Keep up the goodwork Sidekick, you're doing a great job, especially for a newbie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Always A Great Class

I honestly intended to do a back to back Pumbat, with Richelle's pump followed by FCI combat. Alas, by the time I got to the gym, it was 6.20pm, even then, I had to be dropped, so that I didnt waste time parking, and risk not getting into the list.

Just about EVERYONE was there last night. Lionheart, Megs, The Tall Girl, Ahgirl, Ahgirl's BFF, Lafarge Lad. Wonder what happened to the Tall Guy, ...(the one which needs a safety radius of about 10 feet if you don;t want to risk getting kicked by the fler).

FCI was late. Fortunately for him, the clock in the studio is 5 minutes slower than the outside clock, or it'll show him being 10 minutes late, instead of 5. Then again, there were torrnetial downpours in certain parts of town, though the area surrounding MML was dry, which is why our weather reporters use the term "hujan di sini sana".

Quite a lot of recent release material was used. My favourite jinga capoeria, (not coz I CAN do the ES.... learnt that term from FDI's class on Sat. ES!!! Easy Sh**? Evasive Sidekick) Speaking of FDI, FCI made some remark alluding to FDI, but it cant be requoted on the blog. As FCI picked on me a few times, of course, I couldn't resist giving it back. During the high knee, he placed his hand to indicate the level to which I should raise the knee to, so I commented, "luckily you're short. if you were YOU KH, I'd be in trouble". Ooooh that felt good.

I dont remember the muay thai at all, which is apparently from the latest release. It has a total of 64 knees, .... 16 R, 16L, repeat. Quite fun though. He was going to do the track 8 from the last release, the one that sounds like a puppet show, or marionettes on heat, (FDI looks very comical when he does that marionette move bridging the jabs and the upper cuts)....but at the last minute, switched back to his trademark Color of the Night.

The conditioning was quite tough. I didn't know there's such a thing as biceps pushups, but anyway, he said the pushups weren't triceps pushups, just biceps. It's actually the usual chest pushups. I guess it does work the biceps. It's quite tough coz of the 8 bottom halves at the end of each set. Apart from him, I doubt anyone actually finished it on their toes. Even he got up midway to do some instruction, I am not sure if he can actually.

I love, and always love the Bohemian Rhapsody cooldown. First exposed to it by exFCI. But of course, FCI does it so well......

Great class, had a great time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Forgot To Blog

In my excitement over the orange run I completely forgot to blog that I was at the Curve about 13 hours before the run, for FDI's combat class. It's the first time I've seen him in nearly a month, (so FCI, dont complain, you aren't the only one I havent seen for yonks), because on 24th march, he wasnt teaching, 31st, was prophet muhammad's birthday, on the 7th april I was in Kampar (and he wasnt teaching either)....isn't it amazing how quickly time flies.

Now, in that period of absence, I discovered to my horror, that parking in the Curve on Saturdays has increased 100%!!!! From RM1, to now RM2. So, I worked out the cost. RM4 toll both ways, on the Penchala Link, 20km both ways, x 25 sen/km for fuel, = RM5, RM2 for parking, so that works out to RM11. Me thinks me should attend at least two classes there now for economies of scale. RM11 x 52 weeks, discounting say 30%, = RM400. Now, the differential sum b/w passport and home is about RM 30, so that's an additional RM360 per year, (seeing as to how the passport is under utilised, and only used mainly for FDI)...My my, I'm paying RM760 per year for the privilege of FDI's class. I hope he appreciates it. Poor Shades, I haven't even visited him in IOI yet. Oh well, wait for Jusco member's day in IOI Mall lah.

Economics aside, I was surprised that FDI after the long hiatus, didn't have any noticeable bungle up in the choreo. The class wasnt as crowded as before, Sidekick was missing, (he probably is teaching enough classes to actually want to attend more as an ordinary mortal), Sunshine came in after the rain, with bags full of shopping. That Paradise whatever conditioning, brrrr, very long. I think FDI's long absence may have caused him to have lost some regular fans. People, he's back!!! Come back, come back!!!

Oh, and I got a first hand demo of his superhero ability, to make goosepimples at will. Isn't it amazing what the mind can do!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Orange Run

So, it was with GREAT difficulty that I had to turn down my friend to meet for drinks on Saturday night, because I had signed up for this darn run. The hardest part about this for me, is having to wake up so early on a Sunday morning. Fortunately, it was held at the Curve, and our beloved Fitness First is opened bright and early, allowing me to dump my stuff there. I would hate to have my car keys, etc all hanging off me when I run.

The first thing sunshine said when she saw me was that she wasn't expecting me to show up. Roll eyes, what little faith. Actually, it was a justified remark. Wai Hoong, the one who dragged me into this in the first place, was nowhere to be seen. Ben Sim, aka Mr Cool was also one of the runners. Bumped into a few acquaintances, including Unkaleong's friend, Jin Hun and his wife, whom I haven't seen in a while. My unit trust agent was there as well. Anyway, I was in the A category, ie, Male Veteran, 40 and above, which was one of the reasons I signed up in the first place. New category and all. Actually, most of the OTHER A category fellas looked darn fit. I guess if you are in that category, and dont normally run, you wouldnt sign up for a run at all, unless you're inviting a heart attack or something. So, actually, apart from me, the rest of the A category all looked super fit, if you ask me, whereas, the C category, male between 20-40, came in all shapes and sizes. The females started the race later, their veteran category being B.

The route started from the front of the curve, pass Ikano Power Centre, past Tesco, then a left to Mutiara Damansara, before re-emerging at the curve and crossing the big road leading to Kota Damansara, and subsequently to Bdr Utama via the Sony building. By the time I reached the sign that said, THIS IS THE HALFWAY MARK OF THE ORANGE RUN, some of the females, esp in the D and F category, and zipped past, as well as one or two from the B category. I half expected to see Sunshine overtake me original fears of coming last were completely unjustified. As I said, they came in all shapes and sizes. There was a long haired man, who had dyed his hair blond, who wore tight red denims, a baseball cap, who started at the starting line, and ran way ahead, but I'm not sure if he actually finished.

At the "ONLY 1KM LEFT" sign, I was thinking, there is NOOO WAY in hell we were only 1km away from the curve. Turns out, there is a new road from Bdr Utama, crossing the park, that leads directly to the Curve, although it's not open to public and traffic yet.

I find out later on from Sunshine that the route was actually more than 9km. My time was about 1 hour 15 minutes. (thereabouts, we werent given our times, nor positions).

Oh well, I'm pretty pleased with myself!!! Thanks to exFCI and Sunshine for errr... "pushing" me on when I didnt want to register.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pump Event of The Month

Was gonna say event of the Year, but better give face to the other pump divas out there.

Anyway, sms-es were hotly distributed that FSI and Kenny (surname what ah?) will be team teaching their debut pump class in MML. The atmosphere was electrifying, like waiting for the limousine to show up and the stars to walk down the red carpet. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but nevertheless, it did warrant yhsmom breaking routine and making a special appearance, and sunshine too, despite the rain, and of course, regulars Lionheart and Mrs Lionheart with rinkside seats, in what was to be known as the Dreamgirls Pump.

Kenny started by announcing that they are 2nd time that possible? I thought it was an irreversible process. What he meant was it was their 2nd time teachign since they cleared pump last week. I think FSI made is maiden debut in SPK Monday night. FGXC asked me to go, but much as I am very fond of FSI, traipsing through the mad KL jam for a pump class, hmmm, a bit too much of a sacrifice.

So, tracks 1-6 were taught by Kenny. Vodoo child for squats, was wondering if FSI would whip out the step board and switch les mills programs. Can go both ways then. Vodoo child, in all the les mills programs, seem to be killers, except, according to Lionheart, in RPM. Kenny instructed us, "Nipples face forward". Hmm, as opposed to? I guess they shouldn't point perkily upward, or sag downward. By the way, Lionheart's squats weight was almost equal to the two divas' added together. Looking at him already I felt my knees buckling.

The next fascinating remark was his demonstration of the clean and press. "Imagine you are lifting off your shirt".... and followed by, "let's go boys....(after a slight pause, and cat calls, he adds) ...and girls".

Then came FSI, launching off the biceps track, with one of the most superfluous remarks. "now, for the bicep track, you either decrease your tricep weight, keep it the same, ...or increase your own pace". A gallant attempt at 5kg on each side, at the end of which, Lionheart was heard to have muttered, easy track la.

Squats and shoulders were okay, FSI could have been pretending to be in pain, I'm not sure. Mumbled something about it being his last pump class....

Anyway, it was a most enjoyable class. Almost like a family reunion. Saw FCI as well, outside, briefly chatted...I kinda missed FDI, since all the other FIs were around. Also, I haven't seen FDI for nearly a month already!!! How quickly time flies. As I had to rush off, someone asked me how come I wasn't going for FCI's combat and he replied loudly, "oh coz YOUKH not teaching the class". Roll eyes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update On The Orange Run Training

Skipped the usual body pump, coz if I want to have a chance in hell of finishing the 9km run on Sunday, I think I better train somewhat. Anyway, after the rains yesterday evening, it was actually quite a cool day, and after settling my baking disaster, I needed to de-stress, so headed over to lake gardens to jog it out. This time I wore a watch. (I don't normally wear watches) coz my intention was to jog non stop for an hour. The first time (running after a long hiatus) was last Friday, where I was running in heat, (as in the temperature was hot), about 5.20pm. Yesterday I started at 6.20pm, and there was a big difference.

This time, I managed to complete two loops around the lake, without stopping. Total running time was about 35-40 minutes. The annoying thing about lake gardens is, there are no landmarks for distance, so I really have no idea, except a rough guesstimate, as to what distance I've covered. And based on my guesstimate, I'd say probably around a measly 5km. I would hope la, if not, I'm screwed.

However, I am not gonna stress myself out over this whole orange run thing. IF I can't wake up on Sunday, or am too tired, forget it.... heh heh.

UPDATE: I measured, using a string, an estimate of the route around the lake, (only around the lake) from the street directory, which has a scale, and based on that, 1 loop around the lake (extended to the old playground) should be around 2.5km, so yar, I should have covered at least 5km, or slightly more.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

This Is Highly Irregular

Usually, people's response when they are tagged is OH NO, GROAN.... NOT ME!!!!

However, Leymondcha actually WANTS to be tagged. So here it goes lady, you have been officially tagged, and have to reveal 6 weirdest habits about yourself. RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Meanwhile, we are waiting, Sidekick.

No gym these few days, coz I was away in Kampar, and also, I've been really big timely suckered into the 9km orange run, and dutifully submitted my contest form on time. Sunshine assured me that there will be others, including herself, who will be there at the starting line, and a few first timers too. Oh well, I shall not stress myself out over this, but since then, I have bought a new pair of New Balance Running Shoes, and did one run in Lake Gardens. It was 5.30pm, and hot as hell. Two rounds around the lake and playground really winded me. How la!!! Aching like mad the next two days.

Our Fitness First card entitles us to 20% discount at new balance shop. They're pretty good, they measure your feet, for length and width, ( I have broad feet, and apparently am flat footed. Must have been a duck before), and get a shoe of best fit.

Am looking forward to FSI and Superstar Kenny's Pump Debut at MML tomorrow. I am sure Lionheart is rejoicing in his heart.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last In The List

Class attendance seems to be rather erratic these days. There are periods of eerie silence, and there's the bursting at the seams scenario. I arrived at the gym at 6.30pm, with 15 minutes to go, before RPM. FSI was mumbling something about chocolate cake and chocolate chips. Ahead of me was Mr & Mrs Lionheart. (isn't it romantic how the two go to gym together gether and do classes together gether). I was told that I was the last, ie, the class was full.

Most of the bikes were taken up as well; anyway, I ended up next to Mrs Lionheart. It's quite pleasant to sit next to someone you know, and can chit chat with. It makes the ride a bit easier, like a cycle through the countryside on a beautiful spring day. Naaah, more like cycling through KL in midday heat, with the smog. Which reminds me, I'm abandoning plans for the orange run, as I cant find anyone to run with me. Not just start off with me at the finishing line, but really to run WITH me. I don't fancy being with thousands of strangers...I dunno why. And apart from Lionheart, I don't know any forty year olds who exercise. They're all either VERY FIT, (like young looking old doctor), or VERY UNFIT.

Back to RPM. That Daddy Cool song, Boney M, I think, is so darn long, by end of track 2, my head was revolving like the bicycle wheel. I still say all bikes should be hooked up to an electronic score board showing the effort level of each biker.... it's disconcerting to see some people pedal away so effortlessly when you're climbing a hill, or doing that wretched seated climb. Are they really that fit, or have their hands never touched the resistance knob since the warm up? I would like to know. And it only dawned on me last week actually, that the term is probably AERO racing, not ARROW racing. Hey, I'm not a biker. How many of you know what a dacquoise is?!!

Well, still hate RPM. I need to strike a lottery so I can afford some personal training I reckon. Alas, that would mean having to buy the lottery to start with.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How Does He Do It??!!!

When I bumped into Lionheart at the front desk, he was telling me that Body Step was gonna be his THIRD class for the day, followed by Richelle's pump, which would be the fourth. Here I am thinking that it's a great accomplishment to finish one class a day. Which makes me wonder, gosh, if I did a very unsustainable 4 classes a day, would I balloon even more if I stopped? What a scary thought!!!

Anyway, as it was baby girl's 1st birthday (how fast time flies) yesterday, I couldn't go for FCI's combat, so opted instead for FSI's body step. FSI gave me a mocking look, and sneered, "what are YOU doing here".... so I had to say, "I miss you la". It HAS been awhile since I did body step. You know it's gonna be tough when you're winded at the warm up. Mrs Lionheart was there too, both husband and wife taking turns to exit the class to answer phone calls. Very busy.

Great selection of songs, as usual. My two "favourite" tracks 9 & 10, ie, I'm so excited, and Final Countdown. It was one of those classes where you finish with your arms dripping with sweat, as if you just walked in the rain. In fact, when I entered the changing room a friend asked me, "did you just walk in the rain?". I am convinced that body step cannot be good for the knees. FSI better be taking glucosamin for those knee cartilage....

Richelle gave Mrs Lionheart and me a spine chilling glare for not attending her class. Aiyo, old liao, can't do two back to back classes like that. Especially not pump after a cardio. The other way round might be possible.

Monday YI's class as per normal. Only one rose, Regular Rache, amongst the thorns. It being a downcast rainy day, very few people were there. Atlas was there, carrying the heaviest weights of all. You really cant judge a book by its cover. There was one scrawny fella carrying like 12kg on each side for chest track.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bah, Thanks A Lot SC

Aiya, have been tagged by Shanti Combat.... although there's no curse associated with the non-compliance of this chain letter, I guess since the blogging fraternity is quite small, okayla.

6 Weird Things About Me (thinking VERY hard....there's nothing weird about me, I am absolutely dull)

1. I love the smell of aeroplane fuel. In days of yore, or in smaller airports, when you can walk on the tarmac, oooh, I love the smell of plane fuel as it hits you. For that matter, I love the smell of petrol as well. But not diesel. Currently driving a diesel car, and ugh, it stinks!!! (diesel, not the car).

2. I get a headache whenever my hair (on the head) touches my ears. Ever since the army days, I feel ill if my hair gets too long, and touches my ear. Similarly, I get really turned off by guys with long hair covering their ears. I don't mean in a sexual way. Once, I just couldn't concentrate on a sermon in church coz the speaker had hair that covered his ears.

3. I love rolling my pei see (booger) into little balls and flicking them onto people. Alas, this practise has long since stopped.

4. I HAVE TO, absolutely have to wash my feet before bed. Other parts, optional, (though preferable) but feet, must. In fact, on normal non work days, when my feet are not clad in socks and office shoes, I wash my feet an inordinate number of times.

5. I don't take milk on its own. But I take it with cereal, chocolate milk, etc. But plain white milk, ....somehow, CANNOT.

6. I love candle wax. Hot candle wax....

Well, unfortunately, SC has tagged all the people I know, in gym, so I'm left to tag those who don't blog. Do leave your answers in my comment box.

yhsmom, Lionheart, ladynina, sunshine, sidekick, ....ack, who else ah?

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