Monday, July 30, 2007


It was such a busy weekend, with the kid's school Family Day, followed by a friend's daughter's full moon party, followed by another friend's housewarming in the boondocks of Sungai Buloh. I have not exercised since FCI's memorable IPOD SHUFFLE class on Tuesday, partially due to the heel still paining, (sic), and partially due to busy busy busy. Couldn't make it to RPM on Wed, coz of meeting, (yes, WORK!), Thurs Step, probably no transport, and Friday Pump, was in Ipoh. So I absolutely HAD to slot in a class on Saturday, and well, Body Step with FSI at the Curve was as good a time as any. He should be honored though, me paying the RM4 toll, RM2 carpark and RM 4 fuel charges to attend his class in CURVE, considering he is MML's GXC.

Ah, how I miss FSI's classes. They're great as usual. His trademark, Survive song....reminds me of when I first started doing his classes. The class was rather crowded. Anyway, the highlight of the weekend (sorry ya, FSI) was what transpired AFTER the class. After showering, I stood outside the studio, on my way out to watch a bit of FDI aka Leon aka IPOD's class. He was being assessed by Shades. Anyway, when I watched it was track 3, that "when you call my name" song with the box uppercuts. I left shortly, but in hindsight, wished I had stayed on the spectate one more track. Coz, apparently, in track 4, our dear Leon did an IPOD TOPPLE... he fell with what was described as "with the grace of the famous Naomi Campbell tumble on the catwalk". This was during the evasive sidekick. Lady Nina attributed it to a distracting member with off beat timing. So, anyway, this was when Superman came to the rescue. How convenient and lucky for the class that he was actually present there to do the assessing!!!! And what dratted luck that I shoulda missed the whole drama. Apparently it was breaking news, even FCI heard about it.

Anyway, dear chap, (FDI) we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you in FCI's class tomorrow night.

On Sunday, with renewed vigour for Body Step, I attended 2ndFSI's step class in MML. Very crowded for a Sunday afternoon..... very hyper class as usual, and a great sweat.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If I Were You....

There was great excitement. Apparently the 6.45pm FCI class was to be graced with the presence of FDI aka Leon Lai aka (latest nickname), IPOD. (International Prince of Divas). FCI seemed particularly excited, and even announced that class will not start until the IPOD arrived. Even told people to reserve a spot for him right in front of FCI. Roll eyes. But before that, the whole class burst into the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for FSI, after I wished loudly, "happy birthday". Except, I think half the class didn't know who they were singing for, as FSI clutched on and pointed to FCI as if it were FCI's birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, FSI, YOU DONT LOOK A DAY OVER 28)

Anyway, IPOD was late, and came in about 1 minute into the warm up. You could see the expression of delight and joy in FCI's face, to have such a distinguished guest in his class, and he was beaming more than lighthouse in a dark foggy night in Scotland. Of course, he kept making references that IIIII looked so happy that IPOD was in the class, but that was merely to deflect his own delight.

The warm up song was IF I WERE YOU, and when we were shuffling, we could see IPOD SHUFFLE. FCI was in his elements though, and when the chorus came on, with "If I were you", he said, "yeah, if i were You, How I wish!" this uncharacteristic wit really cracked me up and left me sniggering for the remainder of the track. Mrs Lionheart look suitably amused too. I dunno what possessed Lionheart to leave his normal position, but he moved to the right corner of the class, with his favourite disciple, Certifiable Steve, in tow.

It was a great class, by any yardstick. FCI was in his elements, and when he paused to see if people remembered choreo, we could just look to IPOD as a reference. He made several more jibes at IPOD, but they are too numerous to recount and recall. Ladynina and IPOD commented that it'll never stop. I suggested to IPOD to accidentally give FCI a kick. Oh, earlier on, FCI had told the tall girl to make sure she round houses me. She very wisely said, "on what basis?".

There were loud groans when people recognised the choreo to Ricky Martin's She Bangs, when FCI was demonstrating it. I love that track, it reminds me of exFCI. I love the lost expression on IPOD's face for track 8, Creature of the Night...he looked as though he was completely unfamiliar with it. It is FCI's trademark though, never heard anyone else do it. And, I guess IPOD couldn't see from where he was, coz he was doing jabs while FCI was doing hooks. Took him a while to figure out the jabs from the hooks. Snigger.

Kudos to IPOD for being such a good sport, as always. He really is such a gem!!!! And BRAVO (this time really to FCI, and not to Andrea Bocelli) for a wonderful class. My plantar fascitis is killing me today, but it was worth it.


Monday, July 23, 2007


There was much fanfare amongst our crowd when yhsmom managed to get Peter the Great who's back from Dubai, to replace Richelle's legendary pump class on Friday at MJH.
So, I was really disappointed when at 6.30pm, I still hadn't finished my baking orders for the next day. Resigned to the fact that I couldn't make it, I hurried up whatever I had left to do, and by the end of it, feeling like an overworked Cinderella who couldn't make it to the ball, looked at the clock, that said 6.40pm. I instintively gave Lionheart a call to see if the class was full, he said, "NO, COME NOW". I tell you, it is a record!!! I leapt into my workout clothes with the dexterity of Clark Kent stripping in a phone booth, grabbed my knapsack and got driver to drop me off. Lionheart had kindly set up my board and weights for me, and I managed to enter the class about 2 minutes late!!! FABULOUS effort. Thanks Lionheart!!!

10 minutes into the class, I felt as if I was at a party with really great music. Being the legend that he is, PTG obviously has a cache of old tracks that the Youth of Today are not privvy to. And what great tracks too. But PTG was reallllly in his elements, and stripped every other Diva Instructor of their titles. He is undisputably the QUEEN OF DIVAS. (QOD). (Same acronym as Queen of the Damned, by Aaliya, according to Lionheart). Even Steven who was watching from outside looked amused. How can I describe the class? Brilliant, really brilliant. Entertaining, hilarious, tough, challenging. And Lionheart has been raving about his biceps track where QOD was doing catwalks up and down the front of the class. But definitely it was the presence of gym luminaries and Friday hardcores like Lionheart, yhsmom,

certifiable Steve, Megs, Newman, etc that spurred him on, because I used to attend his 4.45 pump class before, and definitely he wasn't as showy.

Well, if the Queen of Diva titles goes to Peter the Great, what about our Leon Lai? Leon said in an sms interview that "well, yes, compared with PTG, the rest of us divas are mere mortals". Awww......Lionheart has crowned you Princess of Divas.....acronym POD. However, due to your constant travels, abroad, you have earned the title of I-POD. International Princess of Divas.

Due to the still nagging plantar fascitis, I missed FDI's (IPOD) class on Saturday, but I got an sms from sunshine saying that he wasnt diva like at all, but took on the form of a macho mean fighting machine. Apparently Choobacca and gang were also there. Drat, missed out!!!!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Suck Your Tummy In....In Case You Topple Over

Such a dilemma. The plantar fascitis was just about healing, and I could still feel a mild pain, but faced with the conundrum of, should I attend FCI's class and risk further aggravating the foot, OR, listen to the endless droning of FCI about oh, can attend Leon's class even though injured lah, etc etc...

Yhsmom suggested I do the (pregnancy) options, and Leon suggested I rest. Thing about combat is, if you do the options, it's SO obvious you're slacking. Anyway, at 6pm, I was still undecided. Actually, we were at Pantai Hospital visiting a newborn baby, and didn't look like I could make it on time anyway. But, somehow missing FCI's class on Tuesday, ......just makes the day so incomplete, so when I got back home at 6.25pm, I decided, what the heck, and asked wife to drop me off at the gym, so I wouldn't have to waste time parking. The gym seems to be less crowded these days. Either FF is losing out to the competition, OR, its that time of the year. Long stretch of no public holidays, everyone's sick of work, and working out. Yhsmom postulated that the busiest times in gym are immediately after CNY, Raya and Xmas breaks. But no matter how empty, FCI's class always has a respectable quorum.

Twas nice to see so many familiar faces there. Lionheart, yhsmom, Megs, Sunshine, (still partially incapacitated), Tall Girl, Certifiable Steve the sound blaster, Merv, Ah Girl..... FCI gave me this skeptical sneering look, as if my leg injury was fake. Even made an announcement to that effect. "those who claim their legs are injured may take the easy option", or something like that. B***H. For one track, he announced, looking in my direction, SUCK IN YOUR TUMMY IN CASE YOU TOPPLE OVER. Anyway, further to last week's post about his obsession with Leon, he only made on reference to Youkh, where he said, "Do It For You!!!!".

According to yhsmom, it was theatrical the way I exited the class, by apparently proclaiming bravo and limping out. Not intentional.

Monday's pump, YI was late late late. Also, very few people, only 5 of us. Lots of the usual faces missing, though hardcores like Lion were carrying 20kg on each side for squats. He must have thighs and buns of steel!!!! Biceps was the killer, but mercifully, since he was late, he couldnt finish 10 tracks (it is a 45 minute class anyway, and anything above the prescribed is a bonus, so can't complain), and skipped lunges.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Shake Your Boo....Boo

Had intended to go gym everyday last week, but alas, after FCI's class on Tuesday, somehow I kept missing all my intended classes, and didnt exercise again until Saturday morning, when I went for my occasional morning jog in lake gardens, when friend from Singapore is in town. Even then it was with great reluctance. Nevertheless, it was a great jog, we clocked 26 minutes, a route that usually takes us 28 minutes. But, not without a price though, cause shortly after the run, I felt a sharp pain on my right heel, which could be a recurring old injury from tennis days. The Plantar Fascitis.... or something like that. Anyway, I was hobbling away like a geriatric.

So, question of the day was, to combat or not to combat? It was afterall FDI's class! AND, FCI called me at 3 something, asking if I was going or not, as he intended to go!!!! Well, that quite made up my mind for me, pain or no pain!!!! I thought I could not miss this sight. Either way it would have been a hoot, if FCI was on the floor, as a member, OR, if he was on stage. Was pleased to see sunshine there, though she said she hadnt fully recovered, and couldn't jump. Well, that made two of us. So there we were, two young geriatrics, moving with lithe movements that would make Steven Hawking look like Roger Federer. Each step was pain, pain pain. FDI better appreciate the effort. AND that b****y FCI fella, didn't show up!!!!

FDI seemed to be on a drug of that induces amnesia. Almost a year later, this time he REALLY botched up the sexy track. Hahaha. Happy 1st anniversary FDI. (this time I can really sms you to ask if your choreo was wrong). I dunno what possessed him, to do knee, kick, knee and jump kick.... (instead of knee knee knee jump kick). Anyway, since I was in pain, I didnt pay much attention to his other boo boos, which according to him, were plenty. Aww, don't be too hard on yerself, even Divas have their off days. I'm sure Pavarotti must have forgotten his lines before too.

Anyway, it was an exhausting class nevertheless, so much so one of the amazons shouted "you, it's a saturday la, easy conditioning please". See, only a diva can pull off a class with boo boos and still earn the adulation of his fans.

Swam 1km on Sunday, as it was the only low impact exercise that was handy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

That's My Boy

Yhsmom had announced that she would be attending FCI's class, which made him very excited. He already predicted it was going to be a great class. Well, I guess if you have good ingredients, the chances of making a good cake are better than say, if you were using margarine and fake non dairy cream. When I got there, Lionheart, yhsmom were already milling around the waiting area. Managed to get myself onto #24 on the registration list.

Requisite cheerleader, Certifiable Steve was there in full tow. Ladynina and Megs were the other familiar faces. Tall girl was there too. Have somehow never plucked up the courage to say hi to her. She looks a tad serious. Wonder if SC's injury has healed. Haven't seen her in FCI's class in awhile.

Anyway, I also wondered if Leon Lai choked or sneezed during his conference dinner, as FCI mentioned him a heck of a lot of times, at least twice by name, and a few other times by implication. In one track, he mentioned, Tuesday...pointing to Steve, and Saturday....pointing to me. Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, cueing us to shout. He made another reference, according to yhsmom, about handsome instructor (I missed this), which apparently referred to Leon also. Then, he said, SHOUT FOR YOU!!!!! And during conditioning, he announced, "my friend, You Kok Hoe, taught me that these were upper halves", and proceeded to demonstrate the upper half pushups. One wonders if he secretly has a crush on's bizarre to mention another instructor so many times.

Oh, FCI likes to think of his class as literal students. He likes to stand still and see if we remember choreo..... well, I personally have the memory of a goldfish.... I cant remember what I did one minute ago, let alone replicate an entire track on the other leg. So usually I am quite lost when he does his "teacher testing the students" thing. Sorry la, me quite duhh one.

For the muay thais, or was it the jinga, he insisted everyone jump (I think it was muay thai) but exempted those above 35 years of age. How considerate. Well, he certainly can't complain I didnt shout...I have a sore throat today from all that shouting.

Monday's pump was evil. With the new release over, and Lionheart in the class, YI was compelled to pick "the evilest of the evil" for all the tracks. I can't remember the tracks now, but suffice to say, it was darn painful, much to Lion's delight. After being accustomed to 10kg biceps in the last release, he found the 7.5kg each side a breeze. Man of steel or what!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

One Week Summarised In One Post

After last Monday's pump and Tuesday's combat, I didnt blog because we're still on the new release, and there was really nothing to say. I mean, they were great classes, as usual, because of the instructors, but it's like going back to your favourite restaurant and eating the same thing over and over again for three weeks, until you've covered all angles. So, I am sooo looking forward to this week, which heralds the END of the new release compulsory period.

So, Monday was pump, Tuesday was combat. I couldn't stay after track 10, because I had a dinner. Lion and Mrs Lion were there. Crowded class as usual.

Then came three days of sloth. No gym, no exercise. By Saturday, I felt I had to do SOMETHING, before all the fat co-agulated. But I wasn't going to go for combat, with no offense to FDI, because I just couldn't do another current release. So, I thought I'd go for body step. FSI was still in Bali, and was replaced by Kenny. Now if there ever was an FRI post, it would go to him. Favourite Replacement Instructor. I always enjoy his class, be it attack, step or pump. For BS, I have only done the new release twice, so I didn't mind doing it again. (or hangon, have I done it only once??) Damn good sweat. And very crowded class as well.

On Saturday night, yhsmom hosted her birthday dinner at Cafe Cafe. If you want to read about the food aspect, go here. Present were the usual suspects, ie, yhsmom and hubby, Lion & Lionness, ahboy & ahgirl, Leon and me with wifey. The food was divine, completely recalorising anything I might have lost in FRI's body step earlier.

On Sunday, I was unusually inspired to try and catch 2nd FSI's step class at 2.45. I found out later that he had actually been absent for the last month, replacing Tony in SPK. So it was timely that he returned when he did. Loved the class. End of the new release, it was really hyper and energetic. Must have exhausted a few people, coz about two people left halfway. Must try to rekindle that habit of going for Sunday afternoon Body Step.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Lion Cooks Up A Storm

For all its shortcomings, Body Combat 32 is rather tiring I think. Either that, or age is catching up. The studio and gym in the Curve was eerily quiet, although the car park was a nightmare and a half, as usual. I was lucky, managed to get a park the minute I entered the place.

There's a stall in the flea market in the Curve that sells lovely Cameron's strawberries, at 11 bucks for 3 punnets. And rather sweet too, considering they're local. The equivalent amount, for Driscolls would cost RM24.90. Oops, am I blogging in the wrong blog? Food.

Leon was decked in a beach shirt, as FF Curve was having a beach theme. No one else was in theme though. He had his back up squad there, in the class, Renee and Lillian. The class went smoothly enough, with no real noticeable errors. He took pains to say, LEFT FOOT FORWARD, AS IN YOURS, this time, for track 3. At one point, he also remarked, "why, can't shout ah, its not Tuesday" or something to that effect.

He had the two women up on stage with him for Track 6. I had gone out to get a drink after the groupie track, and Richelle who was sitting outside said, "cheating again ah, next time bring water bottle".....duhhh, hardllly cheating lah, after I reentered Leon was still demonstrating and talking. With the two women on stage, it was almost like the Dreamgirls theme, except there was one man on stage.

Now, for the real highlight of Saturday, dinner at the Lion's Den....

The most divine Lamb Cutlets in Port Sauce, Oxtail Stew, Mash, his signature chicken with hainanese coffee shop bread, yummy vinegared trotters, and wow, Megs brought all my favourite wines, Cloudy Bay Sav Blanc, and one other really great chablis, Sunshine, living up to her nickname, brought DOM PERIGNON no less. And Mrs Lionheart made a lovely Bailey's Vanilla ice cream!!! What a feast. Thanks a load, Lionheart and Mrs Lionheart.