Monday, November 13, 2006

Two Weeks In A Row

Well, two weeks in a row I havent been to FDI's combat, well, last week coz of the unfortunate incident at the Curve, and the recent weekend, coz I had a raya open house. So headed to my old haunt, Nikeboy's class in MJH. I think he must hold the record for keeping a slot for so many years. From the day I joined FF, which was sometime in April, May or June, 2004, he's been on that slot. Notable changes in the schedule have been the Wednesday 5.40 slot, (we're talking combat here), which when I first joined, was taught by some Caucasian fella, Justin I think it was. I found it too intimidating to join. Then it was replaced by FCI, which I still didn't join, until he replaced Nikeboy's class one Saturday evening, and I KNEW from that moment, that he would be my FCI. [cough cough choke]. Then he gave up that hot slot, and was replaced by Sistine Chapel. Now the chapel's gone, left for Penang, apparently. He held that slot quite long too, 1 1/2 years at least.

Then there was the Tuesday evening slot, which was by Aileen, now taken over by FCI. Imelda and Cindy's monday night class was legendary. That was replaced by Sistine chapel as well. Then there was Raymond's saturday morning class, which I had the chance to attend, once. Packed as hell. There used to be a Sunday evening class as well, which was scrapped, for Body Balance. For the longest time, MJH was the only centre with no combat on Sunday. And there used to the thursday lunchtime combat class, originally with Sop Fan. I used to attend this class quite regularly. Then Ben Sim the Mr Cool took over for awhile, before that got scrapped for Body Step, with FSI. But Saturday evening, with Nikeboy, has been the "c" in the equation, y=mx+c. C, the never changing constant.

Over the years, of course, there are a few familiar faces, regulars in that Saturday evening class. It's kinda comforting to see those familiar faces. It gives a sense of err.....belonging? Familiarity? Some new additions have also appeared, such as Panjang, and the guy who's glasses I nearly stomped on. Nikeboy managed to finish 9 tracks in 45 minutes. Not bad.


At 11:46 AM, Blogger YOU! said...

Was tired on Sat. Did Kylie's Jam, then Combat followe by Balance (team teachin) with Klevin. Knee was acting up during track 4 and I "gracefully collapsed" on the half moon pose :p malunya! haha


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