Friday, October 20, 2006

Newbies By The Half Dozen

There were at least 6 newbies at the Body Step class at lunchtime yesterday. As usual, the overpowering power of estrogen was overwhelming. I could feel the cup size increase a notch. I had gotten there just in time, but still ended on in the front row, and to my horror, FSI asked me to move my board to be directly in front of him. I said, cannot, it would be too distracting, so I placed the board slightly offset centre. Nothing more disconcerting than staring an instructor straight in the face, and eye to eye level too!!!

There must have been some meeting in Manulife for FF, cos I saw Macho Nippon Lady, Wes Carter the British Hunk, Boy Robin....all milling around.

One of the newbies took a rather dramatic tumble, but for that matter, even FSI nearly tripped in one of the tracks. Anyway, I don't foresee attending any classes until next week, so happy deepavali all, and selamat hari raya.


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... crack me up la FB...cup size increasing all....Macho Nippon lady...hahaha.
Happy Holidays! Don't over do it with the mutton curries and lemangs...


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