Monday, October 16, 2006

Finally, Wasabi

Let's see, I've been rather slack. I just realised the last post was after FCI's class on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I think I did nothing. Thursday was FSI's class at lunchtime as usual. There's this gentleman who's always in the gym at lunchtime, and it's funny coz you kinda subconsciously remember who you see in the gym, and we've actually said hi a couple of times. Now, whenever he sees me, he says, ah, it's the Thursday guy. (alluding to the fact that I am there religiously every Thursday). We're still on the new release, which is actually only the 2nd time I'm doing it. Of course with FSI, you can play anything and his class would still be enjoyable. Oh, the pushups are a killer!!!

Friday, absolutely HAD to miss Richelle's class. Cake orders were coming in like a flood. On Saturday, I was ABSOLUTELY stressed, trying to meet a self imposed deadline so that I could attend FDI's combat class. Time really flies, the last time I went for that class was 23rd Sept. 30th was the launch week, then 7th I was in HK, and if I missed this sat, it would be at least the 29th before I caught the class. As the song goes, I've grown accustomed to his face... and also a few others who go there regularly, like Sidekick and Sunshine. Apparently FDI is making it a mission to make me laugh (out loud) in class. As it is, I'm biting my lips to prevent that happening. Finally got to try the new track 5, Wasabi, and I can see why FCI has done away with it. Weird. And those jumps!!! Gosh, if I was 10 years younger, MAYBE lah, but I am sure I'd look even more idiotic than normal should I attempt those kinda jumps. What if your legs can't straighten in time? You might just fall onto the floor in a heaped pile.

Enjoyable class as usual. Mean pushups!!! Only just figured out that those were upper half "pulses".....when FCI did it, I couldnt figure out whaaaat the heck they were.


At 4:16 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

We've grown accustomed to your jabs, accustomed to your kicks, accustomed to Fat Boy!

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous gx kaki said...

"when FCI did it, I couldnt figure out whaaaat the heck they were."

Not your fault,... probably because he has short limbs.

At 11:54 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

gx kaki, hahahahah, that is sooo wicked!!! well, i oso have short limbs, so cant comment.


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