Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More New Releases

I have learnt that when a pump instructor says a particular track is easy, not to always really believe them. YI said that the chest track for the new release was easy, no pushups etc. Actually, no push ups is bad news. It's easier to break and do push ups, than to pump the bar throughout. Especially these days, when breaks in the middle of the track are rarer than an efficient government servant. And, the tweaking that goes on to make tracks even harder. Shoulder rolls are done away with, and replaced with bottom halves, or what have you....

Again, I am ambivalent about the new pump release. Biceps was the quite okay though, as in, easier than normal. Boy they really go to extremes, from like 300 singles in some releases to none at all in this one. Hardly any pushups either. Bah. Lionheart, the NewRelease Hater, was there, reiterating the fact that he hated the new release, and even more so for body step. Meanwhile, we both had gotten an sms from FGXC inviting us to the pot luck buka puasa at SPK on Wed. He also got invited to the Axis one, being the gym luminary that he is..... Of course, both of us commented how come OTHER GXCs are inviting us, but our own GXC, (Manulife is more or less our defacto home gym), zilch. No buka puasa invites.

Despite having to attend a friend's 40th in town, yesterday, I still decided to attend FCI's combat class, not having been satisfied with the 45 minute class on sunday. Also wanted to check out the FULL new release....harumph....still dunno what track 5 is like. Grunt.

This time round, I kinda enjoyed track 3, and track 6. The kata and back kick combo is quite cheekek. Oh I heard from Gorgeous Woman that she got socked in the left temple by some over zealous member whilst doing hooks. Scratching chin in wonderment, how that could happen. It was a great class as usual, full of energy. Oh, Yhsmom made a guest star appearance, but only because her normal free sex class in Philip Vain was cancelled. Oops, free STEP class I mean. Also, Panjang is back in class, ....still best to keep a safe distance from the guy, as his long limbs are likely to inflict some serious injury upon impact....FCI kept "looking up to him". The top of the fler's head only barely reaches Panjang's chin. No better way to accentuate your shortness than by standing next to the empire state building.

A lot of new faces in the class, after a 3 week hiatus.


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... FCI still skipping Wasabi huh? Its more BA than BC, gotta admit.You think Panjang is bad? I got kicked in the head by Mat Salleh in Axis once...he was doing some major side kick and whamed into me. Just because I am short doesn't mean I should be used as target practice right?

At 12:48 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

is that wat its called? wasabi?

At 1:55 PM, Blogger shades said...

Yup Wasabi... For the next release, they're using teriyaki:)

At 3:51 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

Wasabi is fun! I like the plyometric jumps. And the added bonus of being hit on the head 'thoinggggg'! hehehe


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