Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sydney Uni Alumni

I wasn't sure where to post this; anyway, what the hey.

Couldn't attend FCI's class yet again, because had to attend my university alumni reunion at the Mandarin Oriental. For those who didn't know, outgoing FPI is also an alumnus. Hence I am blogging this post here. Coz it's gym related.

Anyway, on hearing that Shades was a fitness instructor, this loud mouth lawyer asked him, "So when are you going to recruit this fella to your gym ah", referring to me. Again, I reckon that some people just don't look in the mirror. His girth is nothing to be proud of, and he's telling ME to join a gym???

The event was a rather civilised affair, free flow beer and finger food, including satay. I have to say the finger food wasn't bad at all. Alas, beers ran out by 8.30, so that heralded the time to leave.

It is the inaugural reunion of such an event, organised by the university, and the deputy chancellor, and deans from various faculties were present as well. We were name tagged according to faculty, and Shades had difficulties locating people of similar name tag color. Mine was dark blue, for Engineering faculty. Quite a number of those around, but light blue, for Law, definitely were aplenty.


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