Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Same Conditioning and Cooldown as Saturday

Sometimes I wonder if Les Mills sends out a "suggested" syllabus during the lull periods in between launches, for instructors to follow. I mean, what ARE the odds of of two different instructors doing the exact conditioning & cooldown combo??? It's been ages since anyone did this particular cooldown, (apparently its called I want somebody to love), which involves the kicks. The other famous kick one is usually done by the sistine chapel, who refers to it as buttmaster. Hmmm, or is it the same one. I forget.

Anyway, the queue had formed by the time I got there, which was about 6.20am. Cherubim was still at the front desk, and gave me a knowing smile, and said something like, "hmmmph, you better make sure you get in that line"....Managed to get no 27 on the pass.

Excellent class as usual, with one bonus power track at the end. There was so much sweat around me, I was beginning to fear I would slip and kill myself. And the guy in front of me as well, was like Old Faithful, spouting out H2O and creating little ponds of water around where he stood, so whenever we shuffled forward, (is it called shuffling when it's forward?) I felt I was going water skiing. I kinda like the final countdown track, quite nicely choreographed with the backfist and round house kick.

Now, I think I had managed to complete the pushup sequence entirely on my toes, last Saturday, in Leon's class, for this conditioning track. But, FCI came along and pressed me down, during the pushups, completely throwing me off momentum. From the corner of my eye, I saw Cherubim (ex Cerberus) laughing at my suffering, from the outside. She later on remarked to FCI that he should push me down more.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger YOU! said...

That's not such a bad idea hor... coming down and push you guys further :p hehehe


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