Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Breaking News

Well, guess who made a guest star appearance in Body Combat yesterday???

Anyway, it was a great class. Lionheart was surprisingly very hak hei about intruding into the class, as Cerebus was still guarding the gates, and though we kept beckoning him to come in, it was almost he was err........afraid of the gatekeeper, and it wasn't until FCI went out to bring him in that he relented. He's a natural. When I said that to Lion, FCI muttered that I was jealous. ROLLLLL EYES!!!!

It was a great class....despite the fact that FCI laughed at me and came up to me telling me not to be so tense. Okay, object of derision, but acceptable because it was a really good workout and I felt really exhausted after that.

Off to Bangkok tomorrow. Might not gym before then.


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