Thursday, July 27, 2006

If The Gym Police Caught Me....

Yesterday, before RPM, I decided to make a banana cake to bring to my inlaws, for dessert. So, the cake was sitting in the car, while I was at the gym. Now, it doesn't get any more incriminating than that, I reckon. If the gym police had tracked me through my workout, and into the car, the MINUTE I opened the car door, the aroma of banana cake assailing your senses would have warranted an arrest, with a sentence of 20 hours non stop body attack. AHA, you're on diet, you say? What is this??? A whole banana loaf, 3000 calories worth?

I think of all the group exercises, RPM is most similar to jail. Your legs are fastened to the pedal, so you can't make a quick escape, it's dark, congested, and probably smelly too, and you labour in futility, like a chain gang. Instead of chisel chisel chisel, it's pedal pedal pedal. Whatever happened to dynamos? They should hook up all these RPM bikes to dynamos, to generate free electricity for the rest of the gym. I'm sure in an RPM class of 30, 30 dynamos would generate enough electricity to light up...I dunno, maybe the lights in the male locker room or something. Also, I always wondered why they don't make the RPM studio more high tech, like a video games centre.... each bike should be wired to the main computer, which in turn, flashes on a scoreboard, the intensity, the distance travelled, and the positioning, much like those daytona cars in the video games centre. Coz, I for one, am always wondering how much resistance is in the bikes when you see some flers pedalling like they were hamsters in a wheel.....I know for a fact that some people don't bother turning the dial at all....

For me, I pretty much envisage the resistance to be commensurate with a real life situation. I mean if I was on a flat road, I should be killing myself, with mountain climb resistance.... and after a few RPM classes, I find my favourite position is standing climb, and most hated position is seated climb. But of course, my most most favourite thing about an RPM class, is tracks 8 & 9.

It was a pretty good class for me yesterday, I felt. Using more resistance, and stamina seems to be improving....Herny, ever smiling, was back teaching there again. I really must try the larger RPM studios....for some reason, RPM always seems to be very late.


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