Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cycling Nowhere

I wonder who first thought of these stationary exercise machines, treadmills that let you run nowhere, bikes that you cycle nowhere, boats that row nowhere, and weights that are of no real value in the real world, since hardly any of the gym folk are actually menial labourers. And if they were, they wouldn't NEED the machines. So, we are living in this fake world of make believe in the gym, simulating real life conditions that are rarely ever used. Very interesting notion. I wonder if the beings of higher intelligence observing us from galaxies far far away are wondering, "gee, look at the human hamsters", or "wow, how advanced, they can now exercise in weatherproof conditions".

For a change, I thought I'd go for RPM, which I enjoy in a sado masochistic way, in SMALL doses. (read, once a month). To my surprise, 15 minutes before class began, there were only like 2 bikes left, one right under the nose of the instructor. And by extension, under the sweat as well. The usual instructor, that sweet lil thing, Herny, wasn't teaching, and was replaced by Cameron. I have to say the latter speaks very well. He must be ethnically mixed. Chit chatted with a fellow tuesday combatter who was on the neighbouring bike. By track two, the instructor was already sweating copious amounts, could see the liquid trickling down via his chin, and I thought I was the sweat hog.

Vodoo child must be selling cheap, since this song is featured in at least 3 les mills programs. Pump, step and RPM. There is always a sense of euphoria after track 4, for me, coz I know we're more than halfway there. At the end of one track, Cam announced that there was 1½ minutes left, and I eyed the clock suspiciously...... I think usually they tell the truth, its just that time passes soooooo slowly, I looked up after what felt like an eternity only to see that the second hand had moved 30 seconds. Watching the clock during RPM is a bad idea. It's better to blank the mind and just picture scenery.

Felt the leg cramping up a bit during track 5 or 6, but it didn't get any worse, thankfully, or I'd have to skip Thursday lunchtime step AGAIN, and as it is, FSI is thinking that I am merely making excuses.

Okay, next RPM class in a month's time then.


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