Monday, July 10, 2006

New Dishes Over the Weekend

Unwittingly, I managed to try two new classes over the weekend by instructors I've never tried before.... well, actually, on Friday, Richelle was replacing FSI's free step class, but it was Body Step instead. I've been for Richelle's pump, but not step. This slot is usually filled by Free Step enthusiasts, and since there was no free step, there was hardly fact, there were only three regulars, BUT, a whole host of giggly first timers, who by track 7 or 8, saw it fit to sit at the mirrors, on the step boards, like spectators of the colosseum.

Richelle's cue-ing is of course, crisp and clear, and it was a good class, despite the lack of regular participants. Through out the class, I was wondering if I should do Body Stump, (ie, step and pump), but by the end of it, decided not to, because my wrist was kinda hurting, and the long queue that had formed outside the studio made it easier for me not to sign up. Saw yhsmom peering in during the body step class..... which is quite scary, for she's the layman's les mills afficionado, and having her watch you is akin to being examined by a jury of your peers.

On Saturday, I headed for the curve, to catch combat with the "hong kong matinee idol", as he has been referred to by some female fans. Got there early, so managed to browse in Borders first, must have looked a pathetic sight, a lonely old man, on a saturday afternoon wandering the mall all by himself. Love the "me time" though.

To my horror, there was a yellow label on the timetable, ie, a replacement instructor. Unsure of what was in store, I decided not to chance it, as time was precious, and an iffy combat instructor can really ruin the day, so I quickly headed back to familiar territory, despite having blown RM2 on Penchala Link toll, and RM1 on carpark. I thought it was Kenny teaching step in MJH. At times like this, its frustrating that despite being armed with a 3G phone, I still don't know how to surf the net with the phone, and get access to the other club timetables.

Again, there was a yellow label in Kenny's step slot as well, a fellow called Anthony. Now, I do not know if the chap was old or new, or what. But anyway, 5 minutes into the class, it was pretty obvious that he was a seasoned instructor. His cue-ing etc is very good. So no regrets doing that class, in addition, he didn't know it was a 45 minute class, so we got the full benefit of an hour long class, which encroached into the following combat class. Longest running Saturday slot combat instructor was back, after a month long "hiatus", so I decided to do a bit of Combat as well. Couldn't stay the entire class, coz had to rush off to watch Broadway Beng in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Hence cutting short Stombat.

It's about a Hokkien boy makes good in Broadway. Note: if hokkien is not your mother tongue, I would not advise you blow that kind of money. But if it IS, judging by the response from the audience, it would be money darn well spelt.

On Sunday, because of kids sports day in the blazing sun all morning, was completely devoid of energy by afternoon, so had to body nap instead of body step. Nevertheless, still went for the Bukit Kiara walk, with new cheapo MP3 player in tow. Very restful, I find, that walk. Darn good sweat.

Federer won the wimbledon. Yay. He looks like a nice chap. Nadal looks a bit brash and arrogant.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

I am a BIG Federer fan! But FFM says his ego is getting inflated by too many easy wins!


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