Monday, July 03, 2006

Pumping With Richelle

Yhsmom and Lionheart have been raving about this instructress who has taken over mighty mouse's slot in MJH on friday night. Since my FPI vacated this spot a few months ago, I have not been for pump on friday nights, so it was a bit out of routine....but nevertheless, I decided I have to try this lady, (as in her pump class), so despite the fact that it would be my third pump class for the week, I made my way to the gym. The free style step class on in progress when we arrived, and yhsmom was in it. Lionheart was waiting out side, chit chatting with everyone, and showing the latest pics of his baby girl who is sooo cute. Told him that very soon he'll be attending her wedding, and he grimaced.

Anyway, I was introduced soon enough to the instructor. "This is fatboybakes". Dear me, am I to assume that I'm known as that???

The class was packed to the brim, no bars nor boards left for the late....

To quote yhsmom, "one thing about [instructress] is she's normally so bubbly and cheerful that wehn she tortures you in class to the max, u nvr take it personaly". Indeed, she has an expression that makes you forget you have all these weights on your shoulders or wherever else. Suffice to say, the class was exhausting...lots of bottom halves for every thing....but time flew by, thankfully. Just looking at lionheart's weights in front of me made me huff and puff like the big bad wolf (to quote yhsmom again!). Oh, in fact, when he reduced his weight to 10kg for clean and press, I got a bit worried, coz usually his weights are about 60% more than what I carry. So when the gap reduced to 1½ kg for clean and press, I thought he was privvy to the fact that it was going to be a real killer! Fortunately, it was quite alright.

Definitely also renewed my interest in the friday slot. Something struck me during the class, in her facial expression. I coulda sworn I saw a glimpse of Macho Nippon Lady Instructor, but at the same time, she also kinda reminded me of Michelle as well. When I told this to yhsmom and lionheart, without batting an eyelid, lionheart christened her RICHELLE.....somehow, MIYO didnt sound as good, he said....

So Richelle it is.


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Woo-hoo! Fridays will never be the same again!


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