Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Combat In An Lobsterman Aquarium

Have you ever been to those seafood restaurants, where lobsters or whatever marine animal it is, are packed into an aquarium, piled one of top of another? (usually lobsters lah, since fish are more mobile, unless it's soon hock, (bamboo fish), where they don't mind piling on top of each other).

I arrived 15 minutes before class started, to ensure I got my name on the registration list, and even then, I was like #38, 2nd last before that dreaded LINE on the list. Actually, for classes like combat, you probably could fit in a few more. My suggestion? Draw grid lines on the gym floor, make sure no one occupies more than a certain square footage. It'll be like airline seats. It works in favour of the small boned, small sized....whereas if you are huge and have love handles flopping all about, well, you'll feel the restrictions. For combat, maybe we should be allowed to occupy a 9 sq ft area. 3' x 3' grid. Of course, for other classes like pump and step, the numbers are dictated by the number of boards and bars. I don't know how many classes in the gym suffer this overcrowding thing. Doesn't help that the studio in MML is the size of some obscenely rich people's bathrooms.

Decided to stand in front and chance the sniggering looks of FCI. What can I say? It was a great class, as usual. Sweated buckets, ...till today, I'm not sure if its from all the body heat surrounding me, or the actual workout. FCI did We Will Rock You for conditioning which I think is the hardest for push ups. I think I managed about 70% of it on my toes. Cool down, Du Hast, I've never seen any other instructor do. I have to say FCI does his Katas with certain flair and aplomb.

One of the nicest parts of attending this class are the people la. Chit chatting with them before and after class, even Lionheart lingered around after his Stump class. (step + pump = stump) and chatted with us.


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