Tuesday, July 18, 2006

At Least I Can Sleep Well

Usually on Mondays I head for YI's (Young Instructor's) pump class in MJH. I noticed on the schedule that he was being replaced yesterday... so had still intended to head to MJH to widen my exposure to various instructors. However, got tied up somewhere, and was late for that class, and the thought of doing the machines in MJH, despite my new MP3 player, was not an appealing thought, so I thought, why not, it's a long overdue visit anyway.

Off to Uptown I head, nearly got knocked down by a nasty cab as I alighted from the car, and entered the wrong tower....because it had a huge fitness first sign there. Well, actually access to FF is in tower B of uptown 5, but I didn't know, and went to tower C, which also prominently displayed the FF sign.

Managed to keep my presence there a secret right up to the very last minute, just prior to class starting. Had worked out a bit on the treadmill earlier, as the pump class was only 45 minutes. (and unlike in MJH, there was no buffer in between classes, so really, there was no way for the instructor to do more than the 8 tracks prescribed for a 45 min class) Shades did look suprised to see me, and muttered something about "you look familiar". He announced on the onset that he wasn't feeling too well. Initially, when I signed up, there were only 2 names there, but by the time class had started, the studio had filled up to a respectable population.

That vodoo child squat track....eugh..... with 16 bottom halves to end. He also erroneously announced the chest track to be a classic, with modern touch... straightaway I knew he probably meant Phantom of the Opera. Hallo, FPI, POTO isn't classic(al), if that's what you meant....it's considered modern oridi la.

Those mats in DU are a bit too thick, and I actually feel like I am bouncing on a water bed, and find it very hard to balance while on those mats.

It was nice to be back in FPI's class, though please don't expect me there on any regular basis. DU is sooo jammed, and hard to park as well. I later on got this sms:

This is in reference to the accusation that both Lionheart and yhsmom have made the effort to visit him since he moved to DU, whereas, yours truly has waited half a year....


At 3:53 PM, Blogger shades said...

half a year?

3 months lah!

At 5:46 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

is that all? see lah, feels like you've been gone forever ma.


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