Friday, July 14, 2006

Step With Roast Lamb

Yup, he's back from his holiday in the sun, and boy, talk about forgetting to take precautions. Poor FSI is burnt to toast. So, being born in the year of the goat, I thought Roast Lamb was an appropriate title, for now.

To ensure that I did not miss yet another FSI's thursday step class, I left combat early yesterday, midway, to avoid any cramps, that seem to have happened twice in a row after the Pumbat combo, and it usually happens around track 6. So, after track 5, I decided to bolt. Oh, but I've already blogged about that yesterday.

Arrived just in time, class was fairly crowded, leaving no option but to stand right in front of FSI. Of course, he is in no way my mirror image, being slim, svelte and burnt, and all. However, just to give an idea how close I was standing, managed to kick his leg during the party track as we both moved forward...(ie, towards each other).

It was not his usual Fearsome Squat Class, thankfully, for after a two week hiatus, I doubt my knees could have taken his usual squat regime. Actually, by the third track, I found myself huffing and puffing already. I wonder why is the 4th track touted to be harder (or peak track) than the 3rd track. I think track 3 is actually harder, because the transition from warm up seems greater between tracks 2 and 3, whereas, between tracks 3 and 4, you're already quite hyped after all those turn steps, so it doesn't really feel like a peak.

The conditioning, which I've never done before, was HORRENDOUS. No pushups, just various contortions with the legs....can't remember which track is that. Must find out. Welcome back, FSI.


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