Thursday, July 13, 2006

Superman Squats

When I saw the fler layout 4 x 10kg weights on the floor, I was thinking, OOOH, wonder what combo is that for. Well, I was kinda impressed with the 20kg per side for squats, but when I sms-ed the fellow member who carries heavy weights, he muttered something about aiya, those are only upper half squats, not deep enough. Heh heh. Looks like he still retains the crown then.

Instructor was a replacement, who also teaches attack and step. He didn't manage to fit in all the 10 tracks in the 45 minute class, so we skipped abs, which suits me fine. Though I'd rather skip shoulder track, if given a choice, as I still am wary about those upright rows, and am still using donuts for that.

Stayed on for half of combat, with Frodo. Very highly charged class, and was quite exhausted, despite only doing 5 tracks. All quite high intensity.

Further to the previous topic about replicating names within the GXIs, I just noted some more overlaps. There's an Anthony and Tony, and there's a Janice and our Jakarta Janis.


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