Saturday, July 22, 2006

Good Boy, 5 Consecutive Days Oridi

I've been a good boy. Okay, boy may be stretching it... I've been a good "young" old man. Since Monday, I haven't skipped gym at all, despite desiring to do so. Recapping, Monday, Pump with FPI, Tuesday Combat with FCI, Wednesday RPM with Cam, Thurs Step with FSI, and Friday Pump with YI.

Yesterday, was having an interesting conversation with rantings of the ravenous and FCI gf, about the possibility of going for colonic irrigation. In theory, it sounds quite plausible that it's something good. Many years now, the Woman I am Scared Of, (WIASO) has been espousing this concept, likening the intestines to plumbing. Over the years, according to her, lots of gunk gets stuck in the stomach linings, and intestine linings. One way apparently to determine how clogged your pipes are, is to look at your poo diameter. Salami sized poo means your pipes are clean, (and oddly enough, you find that young kids have beautifully formed large bratwurst size poo, presumably cos their intestines are still clean), whereas, if your poo is down to spaghetti or meehoon diameter, then well, it's high time you got those pipes cleaned.

WIASO also told a story about how her friend, or her friend's friend, had amongst other things, a piece of bacon that was extracted from this procedure, and the weird thing is, the guy had been vegetarian for donkey years. So, according to the story, (which I reckon is an urban myth), that piece of bacon was lodged somewhere in the "villi", over the past ten years or so.... and was giving him halitosis. Now, I am almost sure God in His wisdom would have caused enough stomach fluids to completely decompose a piece of bacon after 10 years, and it's hardly believable that a piece that old could still be there. In all likelihood, Mr Vegetarian was cheating on the side, and having the odd bacon tomato lettuce sandwich every now and then. And when his vegetarian mantra chanting wife who happened to be beside him during the bowel extraction, he must have composed that story.

Anyway, I digress. Yar, these services are offered, at RM300 per treatment. Check out the site, with the charming pictures as well. Just like all other perils of the modern world, the irony is thick, that while people are starving and malnutritioned all around the globe, here we are, considering spending money, that can feed a small 3rd world country family for 3 months, on a procedure that is basically a big poo/anema job. Testimonies on the site will tell you how people can lose miracle pounds, up to 10 pounds, from one treatment. Will I do it? Well, apart from WIASO, I don't really know any normal people who've done it. But it would be interesting though, and if someone sponsored me for a clinical trial, I would not hesitate.

Back to non colon related matters, I was in two minds as to whether to go for pump. Richelle was not teaching, and was replaced by YI. (haven't decided whether to really bestow the "F" title yet, as I have been already told that I dish em out too liberally). But I got a call from Lionheart, ....almost like having your own personal trainer, I tell you, asking if I was going. I realise now, that when someone CALLS you to ask if you are going to the gym, most of your sluggishness and laziness dissipates in the cauldron of guilt.

So, I made my way there, and it was an overall enjoyable class. Looking at Malik and Lionheart carry their weights made me feel like a first class wuss, but fortunately, there were many other guys who were even wussier. Now, this is something I don't get. There are one or two rather muscular looking chappies in the class, and you'd expect them to be doing pushups on one hand, and certainly not using the female option. This is what it is, I tell you. All those protein shakes and supplements, ....really makes them into chiselled taufu. Taufu afterall is mainly protein.

Oh, forgot to blog about Thursday squat class. FSI announced at the on set, don't worry, not many squats. By track 3, we were already squatting. Not many squats my sweet a**. Step is beginning to take its toll on the knees, I reckon. But it was a great class as usual. FSI's sunburn seems to be healing, and already he's losing that tan.

By the way, my ex-FCI has set up a blog as well. Do check it out.


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