Friday, July 28, 2006

Don't Worry, No Squats

You know, when someone who has such a sweet, good boy demeanour like FSI, says something, you probably would accept it as gospel truth.... so, it's quite disturbing when it turns out, you cant trust no one on God's green earth. As it is, I could have sworn I felt some squats in the warm up track. Now, let me clarify, I've nothing against squats per se, but I find the squats in body step a bit hard, because one leg is on the board, and one leg on the floor, so that uneven-ness ...hmmm...not good for old man.

So, after lowering down the boards, he announced, "Don't worry, no squats", specifically looking at me, with that angelic, innocent look. Then he paused, and said, "Err, maybe LESSS squats la" Okay, I thought to myself. But not less than 5 seconds into the track, there was a double squat, to which he said, "oops, double squat"....and 1 minute into the track, we had done enough squats to have had diarrhea in a public toilet.

And every track following that had squats. So, I guess what he meant by LESS SQUATS was perhaps 290 as opposed to 300. Oh, another thing, a few weeks ago, when I attended Richelle's body step class, yhsmom commented that the janitor had to mop up the sweat around my area. I seriously do not recall sweating that much, but anyway, FSI picked it up and alleged that I never sweat in his class. This "allegation" is an indirect way of a teacher telling a student, "Boy, (fatboy), you are not working hard enough in my class. I want to see some sweat".

But yesterday, it dawned on me, after my brain thawed, why this is so. The studio for FSI's class is like Winter, cos it's a lunchtime class, and the studio would have been empty for a few hours. And unlike DU, where the aircond in studio is separately controlled, in MJH, it's centrally controlled. So, it's like a penguin working out in the arctic. As opposed to the other evening classes, which already had body heat to warm up the studio. Clever or not, my explanation.

FSI also made some remark about preferring the name John Hancock to Manulife.


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i finish a class and didnt sweat much i'll feel very frustrated. cause i'll feel as though i didn't get a ood work out. i'll feel very unsatisfied.


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