Monday, August 14, 2006

Arabian Nights & Retro Combat

And it came unto pass, that His Majesty, King Richard the Lionheart (of Fitness First Fame, not the Crusader), decreed that all who found favour in the eyes of His Majesty be summoned to the hallowed halls of Al Nafourah, that dazzling middle eastern paradise of a restaurant right in the middle of haze infested Kuala Lumpur, at the twin towers that host Le Meridien and KL Hilton. (pic : Lionheart and his consort)

So apart from the group of 4 or so that fong fei kei big time, the rest of us were there, doing things like this:

Now, I could enlarge that object that is in Horny's hands, and headed for Richelle's mouth, .....but I shan't.

Anyway, present were Lionheart, and Lady Lionheart, FSI and young sidekick, whom we shall call Robin until a better nickname presents itself, the Pump/RPM and Axis GXC, whom Lionheart calls Horny, Richelle, FCI, GXC of SPK, and man of the moment, Leon Lai.

Now, the voluptuous belly dancer, Al Tummyra, can obviously smell her prey a mile away. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew that Leon was to shake his bon bon. Actually, to be honest, no fun lah, watching Leon, coz he's a'd think it was his night job to accompany belly dancers.!!! Afterall, the guy is trained to do Nike Rockstar Bollywood. He looked darn good doing it. So unfair....

What we ALL would have REALLY loved to have also seen, is probably THIS:

The food!!!!! Omigoodness. You'd think Lionheart was feeding a battalion that was on the verge of capturing the holy land. I was actually full after the appetisers, which comprised lovely yoghurt dips, hummus, pita breads....the breads were gorgeous. When the mains came, we were completely overwhelmed by the amount of food that lay before us. Even the usually ravenous calorie burning instructors barely made a dent in the food. Truly a middle eastern feast.

Come to mama!!!

All the beautiful people of Fitness First.

Anyway, dessert was really good as well. FCI couldn't eat most of it coz he's lactose intolerant, but really, there was way too much food. One of the highlights was when FCI and Leon disappeared the speculation of the rest of us, when one of the lady chirped, "why is it okay for women to go to the toilet together, but not men?" Turns out they exited for a smoke break.

Lots of fascinating conversations, but some of which aren't really bloggable. Suffice to say, it was a great night, and I am sure on behalf of all your guest, we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to our gracious host and hostess for such a lovely dinner. I dunno how the heck I'm ever gonna host anything again, after he's set the bar so high.

Earlier that evening, I had also been the Axis, for their retro classes. What greeted me was a sight that is quite memorable.....No 1 in Tianjin and Longest Instructor (I really need to get another name for in, i've been to his classes for the longest time) in their wigs.

I really felt for the instructors, coz that wig must have been oppresively hot, but they had the sense to de-wig after the warm up track. Twas a great class of course, and one of my rare opportunities to be taught by no 1 in tianjin, who is such a dynamo, I really wish I had more chances to go for his classes. The two lasses who taught pump after combat looked really good as well, ....Richelle looked very retro elegant, while Xena looked like a slightly fitter and buffer version of Marilyn Monroe.


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Excellent write up! I am rolling on the floor laughing!

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Love the retro pics too!
One question though. Did King Richard decree that the dress code for his banquet had to be white?

At 12:09 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

yhsmom- no lah, i was also suprised all the lads came in white, except me...

At 2:26 PM, Blogger shades said...

sad couldn't be there.... diarrheoa for 3 days plus fever is not a pleasant thing...

At 2:48 PM, Blogger YOU! said...

Excellent night out! except for the steep carpark fee some of the guests had to pay!

and for the record... there's nothing else underneath my shirt! it's the design of the pockets + the parking tickets that makes it look like .. female intimate wear :p

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

FB: you were wearing white trousers mah!


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