Monday, September 04, 2006

Merdeka Bad For Waistline

Having a public holiday mid week really throws a spanner in the works, in as far as regular routine is concerned. It didn't help that I was at a friend's Merdeka Party on Wednesday night, that didn't end till 4am. This was after a gruelling RPM workout, at 6.45 pm earlier on. I was actually wondering if I should go for RPM or Body Step, since I haven't done step with FSI for gosh, 2 or 3 weeks now. But it was full by the time I got there to register, so it was down to the claustrophobic cycle studios. Herny wasn't there, and was replaced by a lady called Pat.

I think RPM is RPM, regardless of who teaches, and I doubt I will ever develop anything remotely close to a liking for it, but it's a darn good workout, that's for sure, and given the time constraints, AND lack of discipline to self exercise, I think RPM is the next best thing, apart from joining a fat farm, or the army.

I had honestly intended to go and surprise FCI in the Curve, on Merdeka Morn, but as at 11.30, (class was 11.40), my pounding headache and hangover had reduced me to a little more than a "slab of butter spreaded over bread"....So that was an exerciseless Thursday, wherein on a normal week, I'd not have been hungover, and I would have gone for body step. Friday, pump with Richelle, was also a no go, as I had a million errands to run, and at 6.20pm, bumped into Leon Lai at BSC, who then asked me, aren't you going for Richelle's pump, and rhetorically replied "I guess not huh"....

Saturday, by hook or by crook, I had to get my larded ass to the Curve for combat, (with Leon). Had an extra workout, coz I forgot my socks, so checked out several shops in Curve and Ikano to get them. It's strange, how I felt I had to don on more clothing to walk around the shopping centre, for I think I'd have felt quite naked walking around the malls in gym gear. I can see why some women can't leave home without their head scarves.

Combat was great, very intensive, all tiring tracks. Love it when arms are dripping with sweat. Leon did his trademark track, the one with the sinister cackling.....I had to avoid his glance lest I burst out laughing. It's quite strange, the last time I was in his class in the curve, I didn't even know him personally yet.

On Sunday, I was suffering yet ANOTHER hangover, albeit milder, and was sleep deprived. Caught up on sleep a bit during the sermon in church, but needed didn't help that I was "inundated" with last minute cake orders, which included a birthday cake with purple icing. It's no fun baking with hangover. As such, also no exercise on Sunday. Merdeka, merdeka!!!!


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