Monday, August 28, 2006

I've Been Good

Yup, didnt skip Richelle's pump on Friday as I had bumped into her on Thursday, and had promised her that I would be there. Probably due to the excess numbers in FCI's class, the gym has since implemented the pass system, whereby you have to register for peak hour classes and get a pass. Fortunately, I was there on time, but nevertheless, I had called upon the influence of Lionheart to get me a spot, just in case. I hope we don't get hauled up for detention, with this revelation.

Phwaaaah, it's only my SECOND time, actually, in Richelle's class, and Lionheart's words echoed in my mind..."she's a killer", "16 bottom halves". Fortunately, because of my lower back pain, (which is actually worse today), I was not carrying my usual weights. By the end of the squats track, I was sweating like I do after 4 tracks in RPM. I was surprised myself, and wondered if it was coz I was further away from the aircond, and the class was a lot more crowded than YI's class on Mondays. It AMAZES me how she always manages to catch me the minute I miss her cue, be it deliberately or otherwise. Like the clean and press, I wasn't expecting it to continue after 4 towards the miss the 5th one. She saw it. Same with the biceps, missed a couple, and she saw it....."Come on Fatboy", she'd exhort. At this rate, she'll be CFPI in no time. (C for current).

By the end of the class, I really felt every limb about to fall off.

Was gonna go for usual combat in MJH on Sat evening, since Leon Lai wasn't teaching at the Curve, but the plaintive cries of the kid melted my heart, and decided to bond with him instead and brought him for a swim.

Sunday, was soooo tired, and the choice of body nap over body step was beginning to look more inviting, but you know us les mills buffs la, miss more than one day get inundated with unspeakable guilt, so I dragged myself over, and it turns out, it was one of the toughest step classes ever, for whatever reason. Maybe I was tired, maybe it WAS tough, but gosh, I really felt thoroughly exhausted, elatedly so, though, after.

Back still acting up.


At 1:14 AM, Blogger YOU! said...

I'll be back on Sat... been eating a tad too much over here during the workshop.... time to burn it all off... I think Curve members will have a fun session :p

At 2:42 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

ah, good to hear from u!!!
look forward to a calorie killer class on saturday then.


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