Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Awesome Combat Class

Quite honestly, I was reluctant to go for Combat yesterday, because my lower back is still acting up, and I didn't want to risk aggravating it just when it was feeling somewhat better. But, because of the consecutive orgiastic eating binges the last few nights, I thought I really needed the workout, and so, I made my way to the gym early. These days they seem pretty strict with registration, and have reverted to the old pass system, and also restarted the announcement of registration. "Dear Members, Body Combat will be commencing in 25 minutes. Please register at the main studio". Had to dash out of the locker room when I heard that announcement. In a way, it's good, coz at least people don't have to queue like waiting for free bread in Somalia. But it's amazing how the queue suddenly forms after the announcement, like worms crawling out of the woodwork on a rainy day.

I have to say it was a thoroughly enjoyable class. I am probably endangering the instructor here, but there was so much extra time, so he did an extra track, which was great. That really added that final oomph to the class.... not to mention the extra track was a muay thai track. Fantastic. Might have scared off some newbies though. But hey, let's face it, this isn't military training, no one is going to penalize you if you take it easy. His position as FCI is still solidly in place.

Meanwhile, yesterday, I got an interesting sms from *FPI. (* coz I am unsure of his status at the moment, coz I haven't been to his class for yonks, and it would be unfair to deprive others of the "FPI" title)

My reply was, "well, I'm sure you didn't get your job purely from your wong hei looks alone". And then I got this:

I dunno whether to be happy or sad for the fler!!!


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