Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Feeling The Pain Together

I had originally promised [outgoing] FPI that I would attend his pump class in the newly renovated studio in DU. It's actually a big effort for me to go there, coz parking is horrific, and any later than 6pm, the jam is also horrific. Nevertheless, I do kinda miss the guy, and would have made that sacrifice, BUT at the last minute, I had an appointment at 6.15pm, with a client, so I had to scrap all plans. I shall not repeat OFPI's reply here......when I informed him that I couldn't make it. Suffice to say, sheeesh!!!

Anyway, so I thought I'd head for the usual pump class with YI, which usually ends by 5.40 or so, giving me just enough time to shower and get to the appointment. I have a good sense for these kinda thing....the minute I walked into the gym, through those glass doors, I knew instinctively that YI wasn't teaching today. I saw this other young looking chap hovering around the reception area, and I knew that he must be the replacement instructor, which was later confirmed when I saw him holding the mike. The board did not show any replacement name, so I was clueless as to his identity. Nor did he introduce himself.

Overall, it wasn't a bad class, and secretly, I was kinda glad that we wouldn't be doing all 1o tracks, as I knew usually replacement instructors do not attempt to do all 10 tracks for a 45 minute class. When he asked which track should he omit, someone shouted out lunges, which was fine with me. Actually, in the good old days of Lisa Jones, she also omitted lunges, so much so, since hers was the only class I went to for awhile, I didn't even know there was such a track, so when I finally went for the 1 hour class, (I think it was shades), I was taken aback by the lunge track.

I digress. Yah, class was okay, no complaints. Quite tough squat track. I suspect this is the one that some other unnamed female cute instructor does 16 bottom halves non stop. But not here though. For a pump instructor, I have to say he carries an inordinate amount of weights. Perhaps its his only class for the day. Or the first class. Would be quite an effort to maintain that kinda load for multiple classes. The chest track had a shockingly difficult pushup sequence. Everyone, all but one, were reduced to their knees by the end of it.

Now, it wasn't until the bicep track that it dawned on me who this fellow was. Lionheart had described his PAINED expression before, (think Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles), with the grunts and all, so straightaway I was clued in as to his identity. I realise I am really putting myself out on a limb here. But it's meant in a most endearing way, I assure readers. Not meant to be an insult. In a way, an instructor's pained expression shows empathy to the class's suffering as well. According to yhsmom, the said instructor is quite a hit with the si lais of subang.


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