Friday, September 22, 2006

Finally, A Non Replacement

Of all the arse luck, since sunday, all the classes I've been to have been with replacement instructors. Nothing against them really, especially if they are like "Sidekick", I wouldn't mind at all. But sometimes, the replacements make no effort to endear themselves to the class. Anyway, without saying too much, I was delighted that yesterday's Step class was with FSI as usual.

And, as usual, it was a great class. I notice his hair has grown a fair bit already. I am finding it increasingly more difficult to do squats, especially in body step, with one leg on the board. The body pump squats seem a bit less difficult on the knees, despite the larger weight.

FSI played a few of his trademark songs, one of which is that Survive and Alive song for track 6. That song always reminds me of him. His conditioning track this time was evil. Tricep dips. Of all the tricep movements, this to me is the most challenging. I guess its coz I have the heaviest body weight in the class, all hinging on that little tricep muscle. Speaking of heaviest and oldest, twas funny how FSI kept asking all the ladies to increase the board height. The only people who DID seem to use the higher level were the oldies. I tell you, they don't make the youth of today like they used to.

Another "scandalous" sound conversation heard in class:

Woman : I can't get it in.
FSI: Push harder
(FSI proceeds to fiddle with the hole, inserts his finger in and pulls out a rubber ring)

On the topic of step boards....someone actually suggested they change it once a year. A bit much right? FSI very cute, he said in a very manja way, you must take care of the boards lah, as if they were little live pets or babies.


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