Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Value For Time Workouts

I reckon RPM and 45 minute pump classes where instructors do all 10 tracks, are value for time workouts.

One reason why I go religiously for YI's class on Mondays is because of just that. He does 10 tracks for a 45 min class. Okay, sometimes he encroaches a bit into body jam, and granted, there is a 5 minute buffer, so in total, the class is probably around 50 minutes. Suits me fine.

Yesterday's class was toughened up, more than usual, because of the sudden guest star appearance of Lionheart. Actually I knew that Lion was coming, and had helped him set up his board, and placed weights in 10kg, 5kg and 2½ kg denominations for him......wah, very impressed therefore when he arrived in the middle of squats, went to get 2 more 10kg weights, and placed 20kg on each side. It is one of those rare classes where testosterone is more than estrogen. Apart from SC (not the one leaving comments on the blog) and Rapunzel, the rest were all guys. All quite regular too, so it's kinda like going for a school class.

As usual, whenever I stand behind Lionheart, I just get tired looking at the weights he carries. It can also be disconcerting when certain ladies carry more biceps weights than you do. I was pretty pleased I managed to complete the entire shoulder pushup sequence on my toes. It might be quite unfathomable to a outside observer why I then resort to donuts for the rest of the shoulder track. Well, the elbow still hurts when I do upright rows, but I've learnt to live with these battle injuries.

Couldn't stay for cardio, as had to rush off to finish a multitude of baking errands.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

45mins of step or combat,also value for money, if non-stop..., but 45mins of jam,my fav programme, i would feel short-changed!
Try Jam, fatboy? :D

At 8:08 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

isnt step always non stop, sunshine? apart for the brief break to readjust boards after track 4?

fatboy jam ah? well, yar, maybe, if charsiew becomes our national food.

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous sidekick said...

Aiyo fatboy.. charsiew is too much lah .. how about Char Siew Bau .. at least its covered .. haha ..

I seldom got a chance to try out the 45mins class where its always too early .

I've joined jam recently and i really find it fun (althought i found myself moving like a zombie in the class)but as Leon used to say .. we have to turn out to be an SSU (Shiok Sendiri unit) in a Jam class .. so lets JAM fatboy ..

hiak-hiak .. (opps salah..) Shake Shake ..

At 2:40 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

hey, sidekick, what do you do ah? (as in what do you work as?)
oh, i didnt know you were one of FF's poster boys.
re jam, maybe if you tied me up, doped me, or force fed me tequila before a jam class, i might relent. but otherwise, heh....
so so slim leh, can jam lah. if i jammed ah, i might end up with black eyes...sagging breasts going pik piak pik piak....

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

If you can combat and step so well, you can jam too! Just leave yr inhibitions in the locker room!

One day we go togeder-geder with sidekick to His Divine Diva-ness class, ok?

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous sidekick said...

Wau .. even you heard of that .. i just hope no one will ever remember of that poster stuff .. ugly photo ..its horrible ..

Dun worry fatboy, you won't be alone on the pik piak stuff ,where my big tummy will join you . Whenever there is a butt shaking session .. my tummy will always took over the job ... aih ...

Btw. I works in an Construction Company in charging on Accounts & Admin.. :D (i thought i've told u that)

At 7:24 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

sunshine, precisely, IF, IF you can combat and step so well, you can jam too! Operative word being IFFFFFFF. Like cinderella's stepmother telling her she could go to the ball, IFFFFFFFFF she finishes the list of chores longer than a roll of toilet paper.

sidekick, yar, now that you mention it, i vaguely remember. hmm, makes sense, you got that very good boy kwai chai face, like accountant.

sorry guys, why are toast and butter incomplete?

NO JAM!!!!! (ok ok, corny i know, i oso roll eyes)

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

but got kaya oso can!(eyes oso rolling like jackpot machine in genting)


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