Friday, September 29, 2006

You Look So Blur

That was FSI's comment to me when he saw me in yesterday's class. I don't really understand what he meant. How does one look blur? Anyway, I was day dreaming an awful lot during class, my mind wandering to various cosmic nebulous places. However, it was a killer class. Either my resistance is knee area are still aching, which wasn't helped by the killer squats regime, or yesterday's class was a particular killer. He is undeniably unquestioningly THE most FEARSOME Squat Instructor. Look at the guy's thighs. Could probably be used as a WMD. Such power, such strength...

I honestly question the wisdom of the powers that be regarding their choice of venue for the launch this coming saturday. In IOI Mall Puchong, on a Saturday, smack in the month of Ramadhan..... I honestly dread the jam and the parking. I remember the nightmare that was The Miracle, whereby the greatest miracle was the guard allowing me to jettison my car indiscriminately in Ikano, so that I made it on time for the combat warm up. While the line of of instructors for Step and Combat are all my favourites, (STEP has Richelle AND FSI, and Bolim who I like but never really got the chance to attend his classes after he stopped teaching in MML), and Combat (No 1 in tianjin, FCI)......Obviously if I do go, I would have to choose between the two, since one is at 2.45pm, and the other at 6.20pm. While shopping may be our national sport, I doubt I can kill so many hours in IOI Mall.

And yhsmom, if you're reading this, as of this moment (10.03am, Friday), the plan is YES, I intend to go for Richelle's pump tonight. Desserts for cell group have been made, and the savoury quiche shell has also been made, so only need to do the filling, which is very fast.


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Shall I get ready a bottle of champagne to pop when you appear outside the GX Studio? On second thoughts, since we are supposed to be doing some serious exercise right after that, Baby Cham might be more appropriate.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am at work, and therefore not at launch...sigh. But then again, you are right...that God forsaken place called IOI is best left alone on saturdays....anyways, when do I get a piece of that famous Flourless Chocolate Cake? Perhaps served by a nun in a habit singing in a moosical? Thick skin I have when it comes to food...but then, have heard so much about it!
SC aka ST

At 12:27 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

SC, yar, well, if you are gonna be at FCIs class tomoro, i can give you one FBB's FCC to sample. Someone is ordering, so there should be some extra for sampling....;)

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will try my darndest to get there...but finish work at 6.30, so very likely will have to give it a miss tomoro. Perhaps someday FB, when the planets are aligned, I'll get to try your FFCC. Mooocho's thanks FB.


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