Monday, October 02, 2006

The Launch At IOI Mall, Puchong

Well, that's really a bogus heading, coz I didn't go. I was toying with the idea of going for body attack at 4pm, although the prospect of driving all the way there didn't particularly appeal to me, although I knew it would give me the opportunity to listen in peace, to the other half of this new musical, WICKED, which was recommended by Leon Lai. I think my mental clock is still tuned to going for combat at the curve on Saturday at 4.35pm, so when I fell asleep in the OSIM chair, I didnt stir until 3.45, by which time it was too late unless I went by helicopter.

On Friday, went for Richelle's pump class. Finally saw who her legion of adoring male fans were... described by yhsmom as "the boys in the football jerseys" (censored, and paraphrased). Fortunately, Richelle was recovering from something or someone, so she had forewarned us that the class would be not as tough as usual. Well, even so, it was tough enough for some people to be winded halfway. Alright, so it didn't have her customary barrage of bottom halves, but still, I would hardly call it an easy class. I recall there were 16 singles in the beginning of the biceps track. How is that easy??? Stevie Wonder sported a most unusual hairstyle, he looked like a magnified version of the Siamese King's kids in King and I. As usual, most satisfying class.

Now, hypothetically, I wonder what would happen if I blogged something like,
"I didn't know what to expect, as I've never been for this particular instructors class before. The shadow on stage had jugs the size of pomelos, and had no qualms displaying her generous cleavage as she semi prostrated to adjust the height of the apparatus needed for the class. Her hair, tied up like a pony tail, (but not long enough to be called one), flopped around distractingly in rhythm to the music, reminding me of one of those bobbing head toys on the dashboard of a car. The instructor himself, sounded like he could use a drink of WD40. That squeak could have been attributed to the sore throat he said he had, in the beginning of the class. However to his credit, his cueing is very good, and although it was a new release, he made no visible mistake".

Of course, I said HYPOTHETICALLY..... now the problem with this kinda blog is staying politically correct, and hope no one reads when you make a remark about them, in anything remotely less than positive light. Like that Cerberus incident. Where no malice was intended. Anyway, I'll let this post remain as it is for awhile before anyone objects and I have to strike it out. I might need to learn the strikethrough technology from shades.


At 1:44 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Those OSIM massage chairs should come with a warning to gym goers!


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