Monday, October 30, 2006

You Know You Aren't Well When You're Winded By The Warm Up

It was one of those rare fridays when I didn't have to rush any last minute cake orders or prepare supper for bible study, so I was glad for the chance to go to Richelle's pump class. I always gape in wonder at the free step class preceding pump. They consist mainly guys, and mean looking ones too, as in, all professional free steppers, and not a class where you'd want to be holding up the rest, especially since it involved sharing of step boards.

It was my 2nd class this week, still weak from the mystery ailment that struck me earlier in the week. The 5kg warm up weight felt like LEAD, and after 3 minutes into the class, I thought, oh no, how much longer!!! Took it easy with squats. Oh, Richelle had commented earlier, referring to the fact that Lionheart and Yhsmom not around, "oh, the hardcore not here, so can relax a bit". Surprisingly, Malik, aka Atlas, (carries the weight of the world), was also lightweight, with only 10kgs for squats. Even Richelle commented. By the chest track, I thought I was ready to be carried out in a box. And to my horror, my hitherto minor allergy seemed to be becoming full blown, as I could see the red spots appear with all that pumping. By the next morning, it had become a full blown allergy. It was a great class as always, though I was winded badly. Ah, the bliss of the cool down, and my favourite Liberatio by Krypteria.

On Saturday, I was feeling like a victim of small pox. The unsightly allergy made me want to cover all exposed parts for Combat at the the curve. Sweat somehow aggravates the redness. And again, by the warm up, I was winded. Sunshine kept saying I looked pale and tired. FDI was in his elements, despite earlier having complained of morning sickness. On stage with him was pickles, looking very lioness, with her mane all over the place. (okay, maybe lion, as lionesses don't have manes) If the hair had been longer, it would have resembled a scene from Pontianak Harum Sundal, plus her growling expression.

Coulda sworn FDI made some choreo error in the muay thai, but was too exhausted to really pay attention. Told Sunshine and Sidekick that if I collapsed, make sure the stretcher can carry a weight of at least 80kg. By the end of the class, the rash looked quite disgusting. I looked highly contagious.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Pick Yin said...

Lioness? Waakkakakakakkkk!!

I'm still thinking of what to do with my mane. Keeping it long again, this is the stage where the length is annoying.

Muay Thai chorey was quite spot on, I was the one using the wrong leg at one point of the last combo. FDI blanked out on some other tracks... it happens. :D

Take it easy this week. Too much of a good thing is no good. ;)

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous sunshine said...

That photo really looks worse than what you were before the start of the class!

Hope it has subsided.

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Gee I hope it wasn't an allergy to the "Laps" around you!

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Sidekick said...

ehm.. do look worse than what you have shown me on the day.. hope its well now :D

Although look a bit pale and tired, but you were still as active and enthusiastic as usual .. and still can shout very loud :D

But i was surprise by your RAYA wishes at the start of the class . Do awaken me as to workout harder to burn all the dinner's' and supper's' i took during the raya break. (End ups with muscle aching everywhere as i told sunshine after the class .. :P )

At 6:33 PM, Blogger YOU! said...

I blanked out on a regular basis... Sat was more often! short circuit!!! :p Thanks for being there Pick Yin!

FBB.. you ar 80 kg ar? hehehe

At 9:55 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

sidekick, sunshine, yar, thankfully the VD like rash has subsided, so could do body pump yesterday without feeling like a contagious pox. (although the allergy WASN'T contagious, let me reitirate). aiya, sidekick, we all muhibbah nation ma, whats so surprising abt wishing u selamat hari raya?

youkh, u got blank out meh? haha....


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