Monday, February 18, 2008

I Guess When They Invite A Month In Advance....

The parking at the Curve these days, on weekends is RM3. Adding the two way toll via the Penchala Link, RM4, and fuel, about RM4, it looks like it's more expensive to go there than to go to any of these destinations.

But since Air Asia is unlikely to fly to IOI Mall anytime soon, I guess when Shades informed me a month ago that he would be replacing FDI on 16th February, my obvious reflex action response was, "sure, I'll be there"....afterall, one is spared the jet lag going to the Curve.

So, when I got an sms on Friday, or was it Saturday, asking if I was attending that class, momentarily amnesiac, I said, "huh"....then remembered a long ago promise. So, like a faithful acolyte, I made my way to the Curve. The carpark was surprisingly empty, I'm guessing a lot of parkers have moved to Ikano or Tesco or the road. The roadside parking is horrendously obstructive.

He said something about dedicating the class to You....Starting with If I were you, and ending with Because of You. He did clarify it was You and in You Kok Hoe, and not me. Anyway, his You medley was cut short (thankfully) because he was assessing Emma, that trainee instructor, with that fabulous hint of Irish accent. That is one lass you wouldn't want to mess around with. I liked her cueing, crisp and clear. Overall the class was very energetic, and fairly crowded as well.

Not having done combat for two weeks or so, I was winded after the warm up. Was surprised to see IFKAS (Instructor Formerly Known as Sidekick) there as well in the class.

Yesterday was pump as usual with YI. At first, there seemed like there were gonna be all but two students in the class. Fortunately more trickled in. As usual, very gusto-ic class by YI, full of exhorting shouts, that are a cross between a sergeant major barking orders and a man in the throes of wild unbridled sex. Very hard to describe.

Decided to add a princely 1kg extra weights for warm up, back track and triceps. Without Lion there, there was only one other person carrying heavier weights than me...well, it was a class of 6, 3 boys and 3 girls. And the instructor. Very balanced.


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