Monday, February 25, 2008

An Assortment of Classes

[Omigoodness, I must be getting old. I suddenly found out today (28th Feb) that I forgot to post this drafted post up]

Last week probably has been my most "diverse" in terms of instructors within a week. On Wednesday, I attended IFKAS's (instructor formerly known as sidekick) combat. The gym seemed a bit quiet, overall, and it wasn't until later that I found out it was coz Lionheart was in Bangkok.

At first it also looked like it was going to be a rather empty class, but people trickled in, and there were a number of familiar faces, like Soo Chin, whom I haven't been in a class with for over a year. Age plus the accumulation of calories over chinese new year, plus laziness, made for a very tiring class. IFKAS tried a selection of new and old tracks.

On Friday, it was Body Step with WWPMC. (Woman Who Popped My Cherry....Les Mills Cherry that is). Still no flicker of recognition from her. Anyway, it was a great class. I mean, she is afterall a very experienced step instructor, and her cueing all crisp, and clear.

Saturday, I get a call from Lionheart, asking me if I was coming for 2ndFSI's class, as Sunshine wanted to know. I was rushing around, busy as a blue arsed fly, so wasn't sure I could make it, but thank God for the Penchala Link, which got me from my doorstep to Curve in 10 minutes. Also with the current hike in parking in the Curve, its a lot easier to park.

Sunshine concluded that 2nd FSI had improved by leaps and bounds since the first time she tried him. Smooth, clear, and natural. Well, I told her I had always found this to be so, hence bestowing upon him the title of 2ndFSI.

In an unusual display of strength, I also stayed on for Leon's Combat (which was the main reason for me going anyway). Well, these old bones aint gonna get younger, and it was certainly exhausting to do two cardio classes back to back. And the tracks seemed very long. Back in the UK seemed to drag on forever. Apparently he made some choreo boo boos, but the class looked pretty unripe anyway, and probably didnt pick it up.

Monday was pump with YI as usual. Evil biceps and lunge track. I dunno why that particular lunge track was so murderous. YI is now no longer that Y, as he turned 20 recently. Happy Belated Birthday young man. Phew, at least now I no longer have friends in the "teenage" category.

And so the cycle begins again. Was going to go jogging on Wednesday, but dark skies caused me to end up in IFKAS' class yet again, prompting Soo Chin to comment, "oh, you're regular here now are you". Would have loved to have joined Lionheart for the Ironwomen Duet RPM..... but alas, time and stamina constraints......


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