Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lunge With Jakarta Jan

Was back at FPI's class last Monday, and it was like old times....Lionheart was in the room, though he left rather abruptly before the end of the class, presumably having to deal with his clients. I think Dave's twin was in the house as well, so was Susan Sarandon.

FPI's classes are never easy. I dont remember very much of it, as it was 10 days ago, but I am sure it must have hurt. Oh I do remember he was actually early that day.

Then to my surprise, the following day, FCI was actually already back in action, despite having arrived on Monday, after a 3 week holiday in America. I guess when you're young, you recover from jet lag faster. He pretended to be tired after the first track. Afterall, he had been resting for 3 weeks. Despite his tiredness, real or not, it was still a great class. However, he seems to have lost some numbers, maybe coz of his long absence.

After combat that Tuesday, somehow I never made it back to the gym. With the madness of the Merdeka long weekend, hangover, etc, I only found myself back in the gym the following Monday, a public holiday. I had to detox, so just went for the nearest most convenient class, although FCI was teaching at the Curve. Went for body step, with Eric. Now, years ago I postulated that certain names have a certain tendency to end up as instructors. We have numerous Bens and Kens, (Kento even), Jasons, Erics, Alvins, Kelvins and Calvin, Janices and really, when I saw Eric on the schedule, I had really no idea which one to expect.

People are very motivated. I expected a deserted class, but it was a healthy attendance. Three guys even. It was a good, but exhausting way to detox. Some instructors have a fake aussie accent, some sound like they're from beijing. Nothing wrong with that, mind you,

Tuesday, it was back to FCI's combat again. His usual loudspeakers weren't there, so I attempted to shout a little, only to be told to do it with more passion. Roll eyes. Such gratitude. He did his signature conditioning, Not Gonna Get Us. Gosh, such nostalgia. I remember it was 4 merdekas ago, when I eagerly appeared at the gym at 9.30am for holiday combat, dressed in a shirt with a flag, only to be cruelly disappointed coz FCI (I didn't know him personally yet at the time, he was merely an idol, not a friend), apparently got knocked down by a car. And of all days to get knocked down.

Oddly enough, I hardly EVER go for pump on Wednesday. Strangely, I was just thinking about Lionheart, when bizarrely, he calls!! Asking if I was going for Jakarta Jan's pump. And I was actually planning on it. Must be karma, or law of attraction. Boy oh boy, talk about queen of pain, ....she may look angelic, but her pump is straight from the depths of HELL!!!

"The back track is VERY easy", she chirps in her sweet angelic voice. Easy my A**!!!! Stupidly, I added another donut, and even THEN, suffered majorly!!! Nothing was easy. I thought my arms were about to drop off, and I think she saw, and mentioned, "haha, I think I'm going to kill FBB".....what a great workout. I would LOVE to attend this class regularly. I just might.


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous lionheart said... definitely going to be a regular at Jakarta Jan's class. She has not changed one bit from the good old days at FF SPK!! Still so quirky, mad and painful!!! Luurrve her class to death...

At 4:29 PM, Blogger savante said...

That instructor name theory of yours? Kinda like my theory on names most likely to be friends of Dorothy's :)

At 9:37 AM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

dr savante, you mean got people name themselves tinman, cowardly lion and scarecrow one ah? hahaha.
errr, wouldnt there be correlation between instructors names and FODs as well?

lionheart, yalar, must reschedule my wednesdays to revolve around JJ. (jakarta jan, not the hiaks one)


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