Friday, August 08, 2008

Dying Blog

Well, have been away, that's why, in Bangkok. After crowning him FPI, I haven't been to a single one of his classes since then!!!

Last Saturday, despite having jogged earlier in Bt Kiara, I get an sms from GW (Gorgeous Woman) saying, "AM TEACHING TODAY, PROMISE"..... referring to a few weeks ago when I went for body step coz the timetable showed her teaching, but ended up with Kenny instead. Not that that was a bad thing, I love Kenny's step class too. So, aching calves and all, I drag myself to the gym late Saturday evening, and had a great step class. I am reminded again why she is NGXM or RGXM or whatever her title is.... she really is in a league of her own. Crisp, clear cueing, really, faultless class.

Then, it was FCI's last class before his one month hiatus in the USA. Of course, he announced that he had requested Leon to replace him, to boost the sagging numbers. He should have reannounced his long absence, coz certain people who came in late didn't hear. Anyway, the class was great as usual, though it is getting quieter now with the absence of Certifiable Stevie, and Janvier, who has choir practice. How cultured.

Last Monday, again I had to skip FPI's class, coz had to bring the kids for their swimming lesson, usually the job of the wife, but she had to work late. So, being the dutiful father that I am, I sacrifice my body pump class. Since FCI is not around, I thought I'd take the chance of exploring the other classes on Tuesday and ended up in Klevin's Body Pump. Argh, after a 2 week break, it was hell on earth. Voodoo child squats, triceps dips, horrendous biceps, and killer shoulders. Great class though. Dunno how come he's developed a thick Aussie accent while he teaches.

Leon was telling me of another instructor who developed this Aussie accent, and went lift roight lift roight (left right), and one of the students thought it was LIFT RIGHT and kept lifting the right leg. Yerr, stick to Manglish can or notch? (unless you're really aussie, then its understandable).


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