Friday, May 30, 2008

Something New For A Change

Since I haven't done pump for a couple of weeks, the sagging fats were crying out for some weights to be lifted. Which is odd, because I always thought I hated pump. I do, but I guess it's kinda like eating oatbran. You know its good for you, and you feel guilty if you don't do it. So I perused the timetable, (there's no skip function anymore, so I am forced to look at that awww sooo sweet portrait of bernsy and shanti the FF homepage), and recalled my co-combatter, the English Indian fler recommending Jason K's back to back Pumbat at the Curve. At 5.10, I was wondering if I should just go for Kenny's body step at Manulife but I really needed to pump something.

So, of I went. Wow, talk about personal.... the fler came up to me, as if he knew I was there for the first time, with a personal welcome. Engdian was there, and was surprised to see me, and chuffed that I had followed his recommendation. Anyway, I quite stupidly plonked my step board a bit too in front, and virtually had to turn my neck 90degrees to the right to see the instructor on stage. I discovered something about myself. I need to be perpendicular to the walls. Ie, I can't face the instructor at an angle. Either, I face the front, OR, I face the side. I can't face the corner.

The pink boards denote other boards. The green is mine. Orange is how I tried to stand so I could see the instructor. I can't. I just can't. I think I need therapy. So I ended up perpendicular to the rest of the class. Wasn't a bad class. Jason, (let's just call him the Golden Fleece, while we're onto nicknames) reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Are those dark rings around his eyes or mascara? Quite bizarre really.

Not bad, he managed to squeeze in 9 tracks for the 45 minute class. I coulda SWORN I heard him say triceps, and almost lay down on the board, when he was still upright doing biceps. Oh well.

Pump was followed by Combat. My, it was like a REUNION. All the faces I haven't seen in awhile, Shanti Combat, Bernsy, Certifiable Steve, (who oddly enough, Golden Fleece refers to as Stevie Wonder, the first moniker I bestowed upon Steve, until Lion and Yhsmom objected to such a glam nic), were all there. I think I actually knew more people there than in Manulife. New combat buddy also made an appearance, which is apparently rare. And at the end of it, bumped into LION and LIONNESS!!! What a bonus!

Combat was enjoyable. Not very crowded, and Steve reprised his role as loud speaker. He was providing a "shout on demand" service, ....everytime Golden Fleece shouted, STEVIE WONDER, he starts shouting.

Anyway, it's rare to find a good pumbat combo. So this might be a viable alternative. Now that I no longer get to go to the Curve on Saturdays, as Leon has given up his combat.


At 1:19 PM, OpenID ladynina said...

mascara? heehee.. yea, we called him panda eyes instructor. :-)

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Mascara!! Panda eyes!!! Hahahahaha! Must notice next time. The only thing I notice about GF, while doing his Fri morning pump at Manulife, is his thick relatively dark coloured lips, kinda goth looking. Late 90s dark brown lipstick???!!! Very frenly fella!!! Good marketing skills....Hmmmmmm..

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Earth Angel said...

fbb... he's the regular gentleman. he helps all the members (mostly us homemakers)set up their weights and step boards every friday morn! a great PR person as well... of course he makes sure tht we know his name by announcing it b4, during and after class ends!! haha! but he's a really good guy though...

At 10:45 AM, Blogger SC said...

Golden Fleece???? Why lar??Bh and I go for his Combat when ever we can ( ie, when we aren't too lazy). He's good what?
Oh, and we call Steve-Jack Black..doesn't he look like JB?

At 11:52 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

SC, haiya, Jason and the Golden Fleece la, in greek mythology ma. Yeah, he's good, very good marketeer as someone said above. Yerr, don't la insult jack black laidat.

earth angel, yup, haha, i noticed that too. i heard his name intro at least 4 times. beginning of pump, end of pump, beginning of combat, and end of combat.

lion, yalor, he should do MLM.

ladyneens, oh,you mean its not a one off lack of sleep thing?

At 1:09 PM, OpenID ladynina said...

yeah, i reckon that's the main reason. but for the sake of fun in nicknaming, we sorta call him that. the panda eyes instructor... heehee...


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