Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Remember Vic Morrow? Ah, Combat. I recall talking about this years ago. I even managed to download that distinctive Combat theme from the net. These days, Combat automatically means Body Combat. That Les Mills program that is so pervasive, it becomes so subsconsciously a part of your schedule, that one feels like one has forgotten one's antibiotics if one doesn't go for the class.

Especially FCI's class. Who can miss it! It was a very muhibbah arrangement yesterday. Aligned in front of me was an Indian, (though FCI said he from England one), and behind me a Malay chap. Ah, beautiful country that we live in. Lots of familiar faces, and to my relief, Loudspeaker was also there, Janvier. Haven't seen Certifiable Steve in awhile. Apparently the tall girl who has been attending the class since time immemorial is moving to Hong Kong. We are in a season of flux. Changes everywhere.

English Indian was telling me that he also likes to attend Jason's class. I've only attended Jason's combat once. But I dont see his name anywhere on the schedule. Anyone care to point out where he is? I remember I liked his style...reminded me a lot of FCI.

FCI's class was fun as usual. Not as loud as usual, but thankfully, with the help of Janvier, he managed to get some sounds going. Guy with the funny shorts, (actually they look normal to me, its only FCI who seems to comment about them), seems to be getting more familiar in class, and makes some hilarious remarks sometimes. I don't really like that Sting song cooldown, but of course, when FCI does it, its SOOOO NICE.

Monday was pump with Jap Porn Star. He was sick, so carried weights like a girl. As in normal girls. (Not those that go, "OH REEECH, save me a bike beside yours"). Lionheart was pooh poohing the boy's 3.5kg for biceps.


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Missed FCI's class yesterday. Arrived when he was doing Track 2, and you guys were in the middle of Track 4 already after change. So I opted for Colin's rpm @ 8.00pm. The tracks were all chosen by our dear butch character from The Sound of Music, as a swan song for her before she leaves to work in Singapore (to terrorize FF there!!!). This JPS ar...even when he is supposedly sick, he still churned out a reasonably killing class hor? Whatever, he is sure lucky he doesn't need to teach next Monday. Am going for Torture Queen Wenisa's morning pump, and thereafter, your FSI's (or soon to be ex-FSI) Bodystep. Coming?

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Janvier said...

Wow. Name changed to JPS! We remember English Indian - he
"thanked us for our energy" 3 weeks back. :P

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous lionheart said...

English Indian???!!! Pin Koh Lei Geh??? Where is his usual spot in the class har??

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Janvier said...

You can't miss him, Lion!


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