Monday, May 12, 2008

The IPOD Shuffle

Twas with a heavy heart that I received an sms from IPOD (International Prince Of Divas) informing me that he will no longer be teaching combat wef from June. Awww. I suggested that IPOD dedicate his last class to FCI, since FCI always welcomes him with such opening arms in his classes, and play songs dedicated to IPOD, such as IF I WERE YOU, WHEN YOU CALL MY NAME...etc etc. Its so heartwarming to see instructors form such a camaraderic bond.

So, since his days at that slot are numbered, I made a special effort to attend the class at the curve on Saturday. I noticed that since they increased parking to RM3, the parking at Curve is VERY much easier these days. IPOD appeared very flustered, as he was under a lot of work pressure. The class wasn't very full, so there was lots of space to move about, but I wasn't counting on moving around that much. Heck, it turns out, he lived up to his name of IPOD SHUFFLE. I think EVERY track had shuffling. There was more shuffling that hour than during an entire Chinese New Year gambling season at a chinaman's house. As a result, it was a damn tiring class. And with so much space to move around as well. Another portly gentleman next to me was literally wheezing after one track. Sigh, I have come to rather enjoy the Saturday routine, afterall, it is the only time I utilise my passport. Driving to the Curve, all that ME time, walking around the flea market, buying Cameron Highland's strawberries, and occasionally treating myself to a 1901 hot dog after combat....undoing immediately all the calories burnt. So, with IPOD no longer teaching there, it begs the question. SHOULD I GIVE UP MY PASSPORT MEMBERSHIP? Afterall, I hardly go to any of the other clubs. I would dearly like to attend No1 in Tianjin's combat, but his hours clash with mine the way vinegar reacts with baking soda. Let's see, 147.50 (unless they've revised it) for home, vs 175 for passport, a saving of 27.50 per month, translating to RM330 per year. Minus the hefty admin charge that they impose for a downgrade, RM90 I think, that's RM240 a year saved. Wow, I didn't know I was paying THAT much for IPOD shuffle. He chose a really tough push up track, the one with lots of slows, then 16 singles, 2 sets of....that's nearly 50 pushups. Wonder how many instructors, apart from FCI can actually finish that on their knees.

Last Thursday, I went for Kenny's body step. He snidely remarked, this is not combat you know. Duhh, I think I sometimes do more step than combat. Anyway, I love his body step class. He has the gracefulness of a long neck swan.....I can imagine him in tights doing ballet. Is that perverse? I just mean, he has that kind of build. The male ballerina. Imagine him lifting FSI. Anyway, his cueing is just perfect. He has some strange analogies, like...argh, slips my mind now.... It was a great class. Must make it a regular...


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous sunshine said...

aiye..., just when i cannot make it, you go,...are we not destined to meet in combat classes anymore?

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

Eh...FBB. Keep your passport lah. You can always come with me to AarghPeeEmmm Challenge at Curve, or Axis leh. A slew of options for you...Tracy Minnoch's delightful class on Thursdays at 7.30pm Curve, Eric Chin's at 3.30pm Saturday Curve (and immediately after dat, can go to IPOD's shuffle class), or you may even want to trade in FCI's class for an occasional dose of Ironwomen Duet at Axis 6.30pm every Tuesdays!!!! AND last but not least, when PFPI is not teaching, and you suddenly feel like going for pump on Friday evenings, you can always go to Ironwomen Duet's combat-like pump class at Curve 7.25pm. Vellee vellee hilarious wan...Hehehehehehehe.....

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