Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If I Were You.....

When I signed in yesterday for combat, I saw that familiar name on the list, YOU! Finally, FCI's obsession with the guy was going to be consummated. Afterall, he's always talking about You this and You that. You = Leon, for the uninitiated.

Yhsmom, in a rare guest star appearance, was pleased coz she was looking forward to Leon's hairspray performance. Since FCI always omitted the entertainment part for that track, I had no idea what to expect. Sunshine was also there, so it was like a mini reunion, missing only Lionheart and Megs.

FCI seemed unusually animated, and also highly witty. Leon must certainly bring out the best in him. At one track, he said, "come on, shout for me..." then said, "come on...shout for You".... I missed that cue so couldnt shout on time, but the next time he did that, yea, I made it a point to shout for "you". Then came track 5, the supposedly famous hairspray track. However, since FCI himself didn't perform his part of the performance, Leon's movements looked a bit out of place....and out of context. Sigh, what an anticlimax.

I love his choice of track 6 & 7. Track 6, the shimmy one, always reminds me of Alvin Phey, who shimmies like there is not tomorrow. FCI never shimmy one. Track 7 is that very old muay thai track with the one one knee one scissors move. For the conditioning, he remarked that all instructors, male and female, must do pushups on toes. I couldn't see Aileen's expression from where I was. Leon did make an attempt. He also alluded to "you two lovebirds, on your toes". I have no idea WHO he was referring to. I couldn't do the pushups at all, having strained my arm too much at yesterday's pump, which was hell, after a two week hiatus.

I have to say it was a great class, and not just because Leon was there per se, but because of how Leon's presence seemed to add that animatedness and witty repartee from FCI.


At 1:32 AM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Fantastic class! Definitely FCI was inspired and in top form because of "Leon" You!

Track 6 always reminds me of Flo, one of the Combat Greats but now in retirement...


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