Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Well Nikki

It was quite a shock to receive an sms from yhsmom telling me that fellow RPM-er and Pumper, Nikki, aka Newman, collapsed, had a brain haemorrhage and is now in coma. He only just tied the knot last year, and I reckon is in his early 30s max. Although I only know him on a "hallo" basis, (he probably doesnt even know my name), it's very disconcerting to know that such things happen even to RPM-ers. We wish you a speedy recovery Nik.

Gym, what can I say about it. Ah, yes, it was wonderful to once again be in FSI's class, on Wesak Day morning. I now remember why he holds that title. Barely into track 3 and there were squats galore already. Fearsome Squat Instructor for sure. I can't remember that far back, but I do recall it was a great class. All the old faces were there, Lion, Lionness, .....a great way to start a Monday which was a public holiday.

Tuesday was Combat as usual. I don't remember much of the class, must have been good as usual, but I do remember making a new friend. It's nice to meet friendly people in class. Some people, (and I partially blame myself), I've seen in the class for years, but have never even progressed beyond a cursory smile, let alone hello. The tall girl, the other tall girl, ...the list goes on. Guy with the short shorts seems to be getting more at home in the class, and is actually quite sporting. I remember the cooldown as being exceedingly foreign, or very rarely ever done.

Friday, She Who Popped My Cherry's step class. She said, "I've got a bad knee, so if I look like I'm not doing it right, please excuse me. But I'll do my best to fake it, I'm very good at that". Hmmmm......but yeah, I honestly could not tell she was having an injury. Obviously I am not an expert at spotting fakes, being the innocent naive person that I am. Again, I emerged from the class with bra a whole cup size larger, as I was the rose amongst the thorns, and the estrogen that filled the room was enough to make Subang Runway become Mt Kinabalu. I can't fathom why there are no jantans in that class. Afterall, SWPMC is not crooked....oh, maybe she got boyfriend that's why the jantans don't bother la. Whereas, in SHARP contrast, the class after that, Richelle's pump, whoo hooo, Testosterone Town man. Wonder if ...........

Was away for the rest of the week at church retreat, and returned on Tuesday afternoon, so managed to get my tired butt to Combat. English Indian gentleman was there. (Engdian? Or Inglish?). But class seemed emptier than usual. Since the disappearance of Certifiable Steve, the class seems a bit quieter too. Fortunately Janvier Solat was there, with his duracell batteries, to add some oomph to the class. Wonder why the class is shrinking? Are we heading for a nova?

Great class anyway. Apparently there was an aspiring instructor in the house as well. Well, if Rhythm is a Dancer, then he aint no Fred Aistaire I can say that much.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger SC said...

You're back!!! And there I thought this blog was dead..teehee.

At 11:53 PM, Blogger fatboybakes said...

.yeah, almost...


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