Friday, June 27, 2008

Combat 36

It was my first tuesday combat after a break of nearly 3 weeks. Felt nice to be back in the familiar surroundings, with a few familiar faces. Some people have been disciples of FCI for a long time now. Tall girl, Megs, me, ....Guy with short shorts. Funny how everyone seems to stand in their regular places too. Behind me is the malay chap, I think he's a scuba diver, coz he wears all these Redang Clean Up T Shirts, and in front of me, the Engdian.

FCI was in his elements, and the class seemed quite charged to try the new release, why I have to add, I quite enjoy. Love the new choreography, and the music aint bad either. And it was a damn good sweat. I haven't had sweat dripping down my arms like that in a long time. Duracell Bunny, Janvier was rather reticent, and not his normal booming self. Hard to imagine so many decibels can emanate from such a petite frame.

The floor was unusally slippery, and an accident was waiting to happen, and sure enough, it did. Engdian in front of me slipped and fell on his back during the muay thai track. Poor chap, fortunately he didnt seem injured. Such a thing would have been cause for a legal suit in the US or other more litigious societies. If the powers that be (of FF) are reading this, please ensure the waxed studio floors arent smooth enough for us to breakdance seamlessly.

The new mats also have a dizzying effect on me. The pattern, if you observe closeup, such as when you do pushups, ....causes my head to spin!!!! Conditioning mercifully omits pushups this time round.

Monday pump was also the new release, and Lionheart, hater of new releases, did not seemed pleased, and declared most of the tracks easy, despite JPS's warnings that they were going to be tough. Haha. I personally found it challenging enough. Then again, I am not the one carrying 20kg weights on each side for squats. I am amazed at how many males there are at that 4.45pm class. Usually at such an hour, classes are filled with tai-tais and students.


At 11:23 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...

Me don't like new Pump release either!

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous sunshine said... sad, i cannot access the comments in the office anymore...firewalls...

I love jam, balance and pump! (Lion knows i am a new release fan!)

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous lionheart said... pump release not so bad lar. Choice of songs definitely better then the last release!! Chest, back, lunges and shoulder ok wat...but not as painful as it was made out to be. Due to the feedback received from those who had done the new release at Miracle (or prior to that), I had expected a whole lot more painful (the joy!!) then it actually was. I would say the new release on the whole is quite challenging, but then, compared to the old McSweeney releases, you know what my answer is...Nowhere in comparison!!

As far as RPM is concefned, as in the last few releases, this new release is also great. The extra two tracks prepared for challenge, namely, the Scooter track and the re-hashed Silence, are a whole lot better.


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