Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Missing Lion

Expected to see Lion at FPI's class. I've been missing for a few weeks, coz have had to bring kids for swimming class. Twas nice to be back in the old familiar surroundings. It occured to me in the class that this was a very serious class. It is probably the equivalent of a Form 5 class a week before SPM, when the mood is sombre and tense. As opposed to the Tuesday 5.45pm class, which is like a School Prom. Girls shrieking in esctasy, and lots of noise.

Anyway, the head prefect was missing, ....the teacher looked a bit disappointed, coz he had lined up all these killer tracks. Lots of familiar faces there. Dave lookalike, Uncle Tan, etc. The chest track was a killer, Pump It Up, ....mercifully, time ran out, and he omitted abs, through popular consensus, though Uncle Tan was muttering in the changing room that somehow missing one track didnt seem complete.


At 12:46 PM, Anonymous lionheart said...

FBB....yalor. Had to miss your FPI's class yesterday bcoz I was busy firing my mate and sending her back to the land of Mt. Pinatubo for good. These days ar, maids are really like, OTT, you know. When they have been working with you for a long long time, their ego just grow larger and larger. My one even dared to raise her voice and picked a quarrel with the Home Affairs Minister. So of coz she was booted out immediately lar!!! Nevermind, next week will be back definitely. Am requesting lots of tracks from your FPI!! Heheheheheheh!

Yhsmom....why not join the "uncle" class for a change!!!

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous yhsmom said...


As you know "Uncles" aren't really my scene wor... Haha!

No la, actually I would like to go to JPS' Mon class but for some reason something always crops up... Meeting la, kereta rosak la...

Will definitely be there... soon!


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