Monday, September 22, 2008

No 1 In Tianjin Ties the Knot

Tis the season for weddings, obviously. In the other end of the the Klang Valley, Leon Lai was playing Made of Honor to another gym wedding. Gym luminaries like yhsmom get invited to all these weddings, and are thrown into a dilemma. But me, I was rather happy to be invited to the just one, that of No 1 in Tianjin and his gorgeous bride, Jacquelin.

I get an sms from Shades at 7pm, saying "YOU ARE LATE". Sheesh, who shows up for a Chinese wedding at 7pm. Anyway, FCI very kindly offered me a ride, thankfully, as I was already inebriated from a Champagne Brunch that ended at 5pm. I had met the 2nd best man at a different party the night before, so there was at least one familiar non gym face.

Actually, it's my first Gym Wedding. So No 1 in Tianjin has the dubious honor of being the one to pop my cherry for First Gym Wedding.

The venue, Prince Hotel. Anyway, suffice to say, I had a great time. Food surprisingly surpassed expectations, and the entertainment was great. They had a great band, and a brilliant violinist. In fact, if anyone wants a live band, you should check out the band they hired. The duet between the violinist and saxophonist was EXCELLENT.

Bridal couple listening to the briefing about married life,
before taking their vows.

She's looking really good huh, the Queen of Pain

Shades, very emotive.

FCI and Wanie, whom I haven't seen in AGES!

The Bridal Couple performing No Matter What, from Boyzone.

No 1 in Tianjin with that overflowing fluid in his hands.

Wishing you both Congratulations, and May God Bless you both as you take this journey of matrimony together.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Routine, Routine...

Last Monday, pump as usual. It was a killer class, and it was one of those RARE times I actually had to pop out midclass for a drink, coz it was so exhausting. The clean and press, Land of the Living, was more like Land of the Dying... since it was 11 days ago, I don't recall much of the class, except that it was damn painful. All tracks requested by Lionheart. He Who Does Not Speak seems to have reduced his squat load to 10kg... from 15kg previously. Must have sustained an injury of sorts.

Tuesday was Combat. Ever since Certifiable Steve left, and Janvier is missing in action, the shouting levels have plummeted dramatically. The youth of today just aren't as energetic. I remember when FCI taught the Wednesday class, at 5.40pm, at MJH, (as it was know then), wow, the number of screaming women.....

Couldn't make it to any other classes until Saturday, for Kenny's body step. Exceedingly tiring, probably after a 3 day break of no exercise. Was surprised to see a fellow food blogger there as well.

Which brought us back to another Monday. The class was delayed because of a faulty wire in the stereo system, and we didn't start till 5pm. Amazingly, he managed to do all the tracks except for lunges. Same clean and press as the previous week. But this time it didnt seem so bad. Also, it was a record turnout. The class was virtually full. All the familiar faces where there, the only notable absentee being Uncle Tan. Lion pointed out FMTBF to me.

Tuesday, Combat again. I really enjoyed this class, and had worked up a damn good sweat. At least there were a few familiar faces, time goes by, there are less and less people I know in the class...shouldn't it be the other way round? FCI played tracks 6&8, Behind the Cow and I wanna check your microphone, both Leon's favourites...or rather, remind me of him. Are they by the same singers? Both songs refer to 1994....

Monday, September 08, 2008

Popping My Vive Cherry

Finally, I did it. One doesn't plan these encounters. Contrary to the popular notion that you should save yourself for that one special person, I've more or less popped my Les Mills cherries in rather random fashion. Let us recap :

Body Combat - I am not sure who it was, but the first instructor I REMEMBER, was Ben Sim. (Mr Cool)
Intermediate Step - Kim Boey
Body Step - Kim Boey (by default, coz something wasn't working for free step, either the pitching or the cd or something, so she gave us a Body Step class instead during the free about accidentally popping your cherry!!)
Body Pump - Lisa Jones - the memory is still vivid in my head
RPM - Wes and Eric. (I was saving myself for Shades, but Wes lured me while I was in the changing room....and it was the first day of the Manulife RPM Studio opening)
Advance Step - Peter The Great....although technically, he didn't finish the job, coz I left the class halfway coz it's so bloody hard. The class, I mean. And PTG looks damn fierce one, if he doesn't smile. Like a stern school marm.
Body Balance - Yes, once upon a time, I used to attend Julia's 4pm class on Sunday quite religiously.
Body Attack - Hmmm, I am not sure, but I think Jacqueline (Gorgeous Woman) was involved. I remember where I popped it though, it was at Axis, at the launch. I vaguely remember Shades being there, filming the thing. Who were teaching?

And now, drum roll, Body Vive....... PETER THE GREAT!!!! And what a great class it was too. I popped my cherry with Stephanie watching too, as she was shadowing PTG. They very kindly kept asking me, almost every track, if I was alright. Yes, PTC (Popping the CHerry) can be painful, and boy, who would have thought that tube thing can be so evil. That hip track is almost like S&M! Actually, my hips were already aching after the warm up.

The MUSIC!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO MY ERA!!!! It's like being transported back in time. Billy Joel's River of Dreams, Village People's In The Navy, the music I have to say is simply awesome. I was the only guy in the class though. There was enough estrogen in the room to make my man boobs increase to a D cup. Saw a few faces I haven't seen in eons, ladies my age, mostly Tai Tais whom I'd meet when I was young(er) and enthusiastically attending lunchtime classes.

Yeah, those ball exercises are kinda cool. A bit too dancy for me, some of the tracks, but one wonders if that was coz of PTG on stage. That tube resistance training is great!!! Painful, but syiok.

Alas, I hear that he was but replacing the class. That's quite okay though, coz the permanent instructor is Boy Wonder, so should be fun too. I am definitely a Vive convert, especially if I can skip the dancy bits.

Meanwhile, I received an sms from FSI on Saturday night, saying, "simply lose your virginity....sigh". Hahah, well, I told him I will save my Body Jam virginity for him.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lunge With Jakarta Jan

Was back at FPI's class last Monday, and it was like old times....Lionheart was in the room, though he left rather abruptly before the end of the class, presumably having to deal with his clients. I think Dave's twin was in the house as well, so was Susan Sarandon.

FPI's classes are never easy. I dont remember very much of it, as it was 10 days ago, but I am sure it must have hurt. Oh I do remember he was actually early that day.

Then to my surprise, the following day, FCI was actually already back in action, despite having arrived on Monday, after a 3 week holiday in America. I guess when you're young, you recover from jet lag faster. He pretended to be tired after the first track. Afterall, he had been resting for 3 weeks. Despite his tiredness, real or not, it was still a great class. However, he seems to have lost some numbers, maybe coz of his long absence.

After combat that Tuesday, somehow I never made it back to the gym. With the madness of the Merdeka long weekend, hangover, etc, I only found myself back in the gym the following Monday, a public holiday. I had to detox, so just went for the nearest most convenient class, although FCI was teaching at the Curve. Went for body step, with Eric. Now, years ago I postulated that certain names have a certain tendency to end up as instructors. We have numerous Bens and Kens, (Kento even), Jasons, Erics, Alvins, Kelvins and Calvin, Janices and really, when I saw Eric on the schedule, I had really no idea which one to expect.

People are very motivated. I expected a deserted class, but it was a healthy attendance. Three guys even. It was a good, but exhausting way to detox. Some instructors have a fake aussie accent, some sound like they're from beijing. Nothing wrong with that, mind you,

Tuesday, it was back to FCI's combat again. His usual loudspeakers weren't there, so I attempted to shout a little, only to be told to do it with more passion. Roll eyes. Such gratitude. He did his signature conditioning, Not Gonna Get Us. Gosh, such nostalgia. I remember it was 4 merdekas ago, when I eagerly appeared at the gym at 9.30am for holiday combat, dressed in a shirt with a flag, only to be cruelly disappointed coz FCI (I didn't know him personally yet at the time, he was merely an idol, not a friend), apparently got knocked down by a car. And of all days to get knocked down.

Oddly enough, I hardly EVER go for pump on Wednesday. Strangely, I was just thinking about Lionheart, when bizarrely, he calls!! Asking if I was going for Jakarta Jan's pump. And I was actually planning on it. Must be karma, or law of attraction. Boy oh boy, talk about queen of pain, ....she may look angelic, but her pump is straight from the depths of HELL!!!

"The back track is VERY easy", she chirps in her sweet angelic voice. Easy my A**!!!! Stupidly, I added another donut, and even THEN, suffered majorly!!! Nothing was easy. I thought my arms were about to drop off, and I think she saw, and mentioned, "haha, I think I'm going to kill FBB".....what a great workout. I would LOVE to attend this class regularly. I just might.