Monday, July 23, 2012

Who Doesn't Know Who I Am?

Although for all intents and purposes, this gym blog is long dead, I've always secretly wanted to revive it, much like Lazarus. However, because I lead a relatively dull and humdrum life, and follow class routines quite routinely, there's nothing really much to say anymore.

But last weekend, I have to say, one of the most classic lines I've ever heard, prompted me to write a short post.

Saturday mornings, it's either Body Step with the purple dinosaur, in Manulife, but he's apparently giving/given up the class so he can be a filial son and bring his mother to market, or Body Attack in 1MK (a place that didn't exist yet since my last post), with Juris.... Prudent. Then Saturday afternoon is combat with FCI in Empire, if I head to Subang to send the boys for Boys Brigade.

Anyway, Ciki of Cikipedia Fame, watsapped (Gasp, that's another thing that didnt exist since my last gym posting) to ask if I was going for Prudent's class. Truth be told, I really enjoy his class, and if I was still into naming instructors by acronym, he'd be "HAI". AI stands for attack instructor. "H", well, actually the first word was hiao, or how (in Cantonese), which combines the meanings of vainpot, narcissist, diva all into one. But in a lovable way. It's a compliment, not an insult.

As usual, in his rather entertaining Hong Kong cum Oz accent, he proceeds to explain how Body Attack is a full body conditioning bla bla bla. Then suddenly, instead of introducing himself, he says, "Who doesn't know who I am?" which for some reason, I found HEEELARIOUS! It's like "PEENG KOR MMM SEK NGOR HAH?".....
It was an awesome class as always.

Okay, that was it. I am going to add him as an FB friend now and pass him this link.

Friday, July 06, 2012

I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday with Cikipedia!

I want to win an awesome tropical island holidaywith Cikipedia

In days of yore, gym classes were my workout dujour
But now I'm old, the knees hurt more and more
So I've taken to strolling, walk in the parks
Or island resorts, to snorkel with sharks
Some light weight yoga, might help make my joints less sore.


PS- Dear God, please let me win, please please please, I really need a holiday!

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Specially For Shades

Halfway through this dinner, with the rakyat from the Kingdom of the Lionheart......

someone suddenly asked me, how come you didnt invite Shades?
My response: "ARRRRRRRRRRGH, I FORGOT". Sometimes this response is fake, like a convenient bout of amnesia, but this time, it was a genuine, ARGH, I FORGOT! Sorry la Shades, who ask you to never keep in touch.

Aneeeway, I get a text from him, shortly after this boo boo, asking me to attend the new EASY STEP program in FF. Its basically a freestyle class. Jacq, Teoh and Scott had already invited me earlier to their various launches, but alas, I couldn't make it. It was almost as if it were destiny. You see, I had promised my RPM cherry to Shades, but accidentally lost it to Wes Carter and Eric. I'm talking a major cherry, not a cherrylet. A major cherry is a new program, whereas a cherrylet is a new launch of existing programs. Cherrylets are obviously easier to get. Even young Scott has got my cherrylet for the latest pump release, as Kento (Jap Porn Star, JPS) wasn't around.

So, that left only my RPM challenge cherry, but I have never been able to make it, when Shades taught. In a mixture of guilt, and sheer morbid curiosity....I had to make it to Shades FREE STEP class. Shades, a STEP INSTRUCTOR???? Hence the morbid curiosity. It's like a moth being drawn to a flame. In a mad rush, I make my way to the gym, arriving just in time. Shades was sure I had stood him up again.

I have never seen the fler's legs before, and I never realised he was so thin. Usually he wears long pants for combat. And come to think of it, I never noticed them in pump....maybe he wore longer shorts. But these short step shorts really emphasised the fler's lankiness.

I still cant decide what to make of the entire experience. It was easy enough to follow, the class. It was more tiring than it looked, coz there were hardly any breaks. It was complicated to the non body steppers. But this I know, I had finally given Shades my cherry.

And so sweet of him to pick a cooldown song with me in mind.

JPS (current FPI) is on a hiatus for a month, his monday class replaced by Vincent Bong. Another Vincent in that list of instructors. Some of JPS's fans were not amused at his long hiatus. Young Scott, (what shall we call him? Puberty Pump? Aiyo, so rude. Kento was even younger when we first met him....names people, names. Okaylah, PP for now) taught the tuesday slot for all of October, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed those classes. Only problem is, that left me pooped for combat.

Last Tuesday I skipped pump, (PP's swan song for that slot, he's replaced by a hawt hawt HK GXM, June), and went straight for combat. It was a GREAT combat class, if I may say so. Energy packed, and you could really see the enthusiasm in the faces of the younger folk.


Friday, October 09, 2009

October Oridi

Okay, an improvement from my last post, this time the hiatus is only 2½ months.

Well, in that time, I have attended Mr Cool's pump class a couple of times, preceding FCI's combat class. Mr Cool is nothing if not COOL. I love the way the weights just seem to be a natural extension of his body, and he makes it look soooo efffortless. Alas, he has since given up the slot to Scott. Well, I guess if there had to be a replacement, Scott is as good a choice as any. Afterall, I did endorse him in a previous post as "A STAR IS BORN". More about his class later.

Remember my theory about instructor names? How a certain name gives a certain predisposition to becoming an instructor? Anyway, one day, I went for Step, expecting Macho Nippon Lady, but the latter had well, gone on holiday, (to Japan, presumably) and in her place, an Alvin Teoh. An ALVIN ANDDDDD A TEOH!!!! Now, the bizarre thing is, the fler actually reminds me of FSI, Teoh Yee Sin. Of course, Teoh Yee Sin was Mr Female Bachelor in 1985 or so, so TYS is an older (but handsomer la hor) version of this young Teoh....who is also an Alvin. Another name that seems to have spawned a number of instructors is Vincent. Lots of Vincents around. But yeah, back to Alvin's class. Not only does he LOOK like Teoh, his mannerisms and speech actually a bizzarely similar too. And when I mentioned this to him, and his older twin, neither seemed surprised, so obviously, others must have said the same thing. The class was good, energetic etc. Although ahem, I think if you are teaching a class, sleeveless, it would be best if there werent so much undergrowth as to be distracting.

Congratulations to Serena, who has given birth to a baby boy. NOW, COINCIDENTALLY, throughout her maternity period, I am able to attend that slot, coincidentally taken over by Jap Porn Star, (aka FSI - Kento). Now, while it MIGHT seem that I am favouring FSI by attending his FRIDAY as WELL as Monday class, well, if you ever read this, Serena dear, let me assure you its purely coincidence. In fact, I definitely WONT be there tonight. Last week, FSI I think made a special trip to hell to find the worst shoulder track ever. Even regulars, and some heavyweights couldn't complete it. It encompassed doing those bar lifts while kneeling (one leg) on the floor. EUGHHHHH. Wicked. All for Lionheart's pleasure, before the two weeks of new release. We all know how Lion hates new releases.

Combat as usual, has been packed, and very energetic. The latest release is very party like. The class was PACKED. FCI seems very chirpy these days. He's a happy boy. Life must be good. I love the music in this latest release. Alas, I didnt pop my full cherry yet, as I left before conditioning, having just done Pump earlier.

Pump, for the longest time I since I can recall, I did not lose my new release cherry to Kento, but instead, to young Scott, who made his debut for a permanent slot at MML. Lionheart graced the event, like a King attending the launch of a new ship. The young boy must have trembled with fear. Hahah, but I think Lionheart gave him his endorsement.

I also got an sms from Shades a couple of weeks ago telling me to reserve at least one cherry for him, for some new upcoming programmes. What are they I wonder?!!!!

Now, to continue with FF membership or not.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In The Blink of An Eye....

it's been 4 months since my last post!

I lost my BLT (bacon lettuce and tomato? Breasts, Limbs and Tush? Oh, butt, thighs and legs) to Kim Boey. Again. She's already taken my Body Step and Free step virginity. A recap, who were my first time experiences:

Free Step - Kim Boey
Body Step - Kim Boey
Body Combat - Ben Sim (or at least I think so)
Body Attack - Jacqueline, Riyo and Jeremy
Body Vive - Peter Chang
Body Pump - Lisa Jones
RPM - Wes and Eric
BLT - Kim Boey
Body Balance - Julia

I think in terms of regularity, hmm
Body Pump - Jap Porn Star, aka Kento
Body Combat - Calvin la, for sure (FCI)
Body Step - FSI, Teoh

So yeah, BLT, its like Body Step with weights. I knew I was in trouble when Kim gave me a smile when I picked up the 7lbs dumbells, when the girls were carrying like 1lb, and she was carrying 5lb. By the 10th knee repeater, with arm movement, I thought my ass was gonna tear away from my body as my arms ripped apart.

But so sweet of her, she texted me to tell me, "you did good!" I could've sworn I'd be aching like hell today, but no, I'm okay.

I havent been doing many classes, hence the dearth of posts. Monday pump class is as usual, this recent one being the most complete uncle class. When Kento says the track is easy, and Lionheart is in the room, you can almost bet your bottom dollar it is NOT easy. The class was packed though, for a 4.45 slot. The boy's reputation precedes him!

So really, the only classes I do are Pump on Monday, combat on Tuesday. Is there any point in blogging anymore?? There seems to be no surprise left, no new instructors that I really feel compelled to try.

I sense the end is near, for fatboybakesatgym...... sigh......

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gym Wedding Cum Musical......

Let's face it. Attending a GXI's wedding, in FF, and prob in most other gyms, is a RARE occasion..... if you get my drift.

So yes, finally the speculation ended, ....Teoh (FSI) remarked, "I warned him you know, there's no turning back".... and Shades finally took the plunge. Yup, with Karynn. Actually, I think no one was surprised to find the wedding a semi full fledged musical. So the venue had a horrendous sound system, so the guests lost 80% of the lyrics, so 60% of the guests couldn't see their song and dance....but as long as the bride and groom had a good time, that's the most important thing.


So yeah, its also kinda strange to see all the GXI's (females) dolled up, and with in, non gym attire. My my, what a visual feast. Even Macho Nippon Lady Instructor looked so lady, that the Macho moniker sooo does not apply. Jakarta Jan was stunning, as were Cindy and Swee.... it's also nice to see everyone so smiley and happy. Scenes like this always remind me of Louis Armstrong's It's A Wonderful World.


I've always known the couple to love singing. They're both heavily involved in their church's choir and music ministries, so as I said, I wouldn't have expected anything less. Heck, even Terence, no 1 in Tianjin, sang at his wedding. What more Shades, who probably harbors secret dreams of cutting his own album. I know the kind.

The entrance, he at the stage, she at the door, belting out a WHOLE NEW WORLD, from Aladdin. The sound system was a real let down. So we could only hear bits and pieces of the Jasmine and Aladdin duet. But it was a sweet concept.

The next number, after we were somewhat satiated with food, was a re-written PART OF YOUR WORLD, from Little Mermaid. Actually, it was rather touching, and funny, but again, the lyrics were lost coz of the bad sound system. As I was wandering around taking pics, I heard most of it, and thought it a pity that such effort did not reach the audience 100%.


Then there was a Grease number, YOU BETTER SHAPE UP..... hahaha, soooooo SHADES!!!!

The finale was definitely the brain child of Body Jammers, and I have to say, exceedingly well choreographed. It was to the Greast song, WE GO TOGETHER.... very entertaining dance moves. Wife commented she never seen a bride and groom do so much work on their wedding night. Was there enough energy for the other conjugal duties, I wonder?


For more pics of the event, you can go to these links. Part 1 & Part 2.

Anyway, congratulations, to the newly weds, and May God bless you both as you embark on this journey together.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watching Reruns

After I emerged from Kenny's step class last Thursday, at Manulife, Jacq, (gorgeous woman) who was outside, waiting to teach Jam, muttered as she walked past me, "Hmmph, you had tickets for a red carpet premiere and you chose to stay home and watch reruns?".... She was of course, referring to her numerous invites for previews to the new release, (well, she DID pop 91.66% of my cherry, as I HAD done 11 out of the 12 tracks from the new release preview with her), and the fact that I found time to attend a usual class of old tracks.

Kenny's class is always entertaining. And a very mixed crowd, with ages ranging from errr...maybe early twenties to late 50s.... He was team teaching with another instructor. Loved the tracks he chose, and taught. What a great sweat.

Lets see, now, there was Kento's classes as usual...Lionheart has been missing the last two weeks. Which meant the classes weren't murder sessions. Combat as usual too. Was pleasantly surprised to see Shahnon there last week. This younger generation of combaters don't seem as willing to shout as the old ones.

And I've just done my back in, from lifting light grocery bags... roll eyes. Hope can still workout!